Contemporary Home Plans


Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary home design has been around for quite some time and just as it existed in the 1950’s it is alive and even more of a viable design today. A contemporary home plan will reflect the signs of the times and incorporate the most current needs and resources of the community. Today when there is a deep seated emphasis on building “Green”, there are a number of outstanding yet unique contemporary designs that are attractive, creative and artful. The simplicity of the design with straight lines and undefined styles is what will keep a contemporary home plan in the limelight for years to come. Indeed most of the contemporary designs seen these days are timeless and futuristic. A contemporary home plan can be vastly creative and at the same time they will take advantage of current technologies and will most of the time involve the anticipation of new technological ideas.

Many of the new and emerging designs take advantage of the new energy efficient advancements and can incorporate the government’s Energy Star guidelines that can save at least 15% more energy than other home design elements. There is also an advantage for using solar heating and the use of new advancements in wiring for broadband and wireless technologies. And there are many new technologies that are right around the corner that fir well with a contemporary home design.

When developing a desire to design and build a contemporary home plan, an experienced home designer will have to focus on a homeowner’s real preferences for a modern and advanced structure that will support the lifestyle of the modern family. While contemporary home design may not be the choice for everyone, it is certainly a viable choice for the homeowner who is artistic, creative and futuristic in their thinking.

Many of the elements introduced in a contemporary home plan include open living and kitchens that open into the family room, or spaces for families to communicate yet reside in adjacent rooms. Walls are usually not as important to living a casual contemporary lifestyle. Bedrooms are generally for their intended use and little else. Family members commune together in the living spaces within the home. Most of the new contemporary homes provide for a bathroom for every bedroom or at least a minimum of two full baths.

Clean lines and smooth surfaces abound in a contemporary home design. Flooring is usually simple yet tasteful. Hardwoods and laminate flooring as well as painted or stained concrete prevails because of the simple nature of the flooring as well as its ease of maintenance. Carpets are used in bedrooms and are usually low pile like a Berber. Stainless Steel appliances seem to also prevail due to the modern feel they exude and most of the time appliances are hidden within custom cabinetry.

Within a contemporary home plan one will notice things like odd, irregular shapes, a lack of ornamentation, an open floor plan, and tall oversized energy efficient windows, natural materials both inside and outside the home. And most of the time the exterior finishes are designed to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape often incorporating a water feature. Roof styles for a contemporary home plan include flat or very slightly pitched roof lines with interior cathedral ceilings and exposed beams.

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