Benefits of Townhouse Living

Benefits of Townhouse Living

Townhouse living isn't for everyone, but if you prefer to live in the city it might be the perfect home design for you. 

At Preston Woods & Associates, we offer a large variety of floor plans to choose from. Ranging in size from under 2000 square feet to over 5000 square feet, there is sure to be a townhouse floor plan that meets your needs. 

There are many benefits to living in a townhouse, but some people might be concerned that townhouse living isn't for them, especially if you're thinking about aging in place in a townhouse.

Benefits of Townhouse Living

Smaller Footprint

A townhouse takes up less space than a traditional single family home structure. If you want to live in the city, a townhouse might be just the thing where land is at a premium and often hard to come by. A townhouse is narrow and can fit on lots that are too small for a single family home structure.

Land Ownership

You own your land, and your home when choosing a townhouse. Of course townhouses also make great investment property as rentals. Having land surrounding the structure can be a nice value add to tenants.


You'll have neighbors when you live in a townhouse, in fact you'll usually have a common wall with them. Don't worry, townhouses are built with this in mind and the common wall between the two homes has been designed with noise reduction in mind. In today's townhomes you're not likely to hear your neighbors unless you want to.

Design Choice

If you're building townhouses for investment or for personal use, you'll have a variety of stunning designs to choose from. From luxury living spaces to more modest designs, there's a floor plan for everyone who wants to live in a townhouse. 

Aging in Place

Most people think of single level living when it comes to aging-in-place, but you can design your townhouse with accessible features like elevators and lifts, main level master suites and guest suites for live-in help. You can most certainly age-in-place in a townhouse.

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