What’s going on at 1420 Wrightwood Street in Houston?

Maybe you’ve driven by the area or noticed some changes while walking the dog near 1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston. You might wonder what’s going on there. Well, we’ve started a brand new project at that location and will be … Continue reading

Things to do this February in Houston

February is the shortest month and yet sometimes it feels like the longest one of the twelve. The days are getting longer but still night comes a little too soon. Don’t spend the evenings sitting around watching TV or surfing … Continue reading

Cheyne Walk Townhouse Project

When developers Rohe and Wright acquired an acreage site on Houston’s prestigious Sunset Boulevard, they wanted to build a development in keeping with the stately neighborhood surroundings. They turned to Preston Wood and Associates to design the 14 unit townhouse … Continue reading

Projects going up in the Heights

It’s no secret that The Heights is a hot place to live in Houston right now, and larger single family homes and townhome developments are being built at an unprecedented pace. We love to see projects as they are built … Continue reading

An overview of our house plans

Two story house plan

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