Winfield Gate Townhouse Project


When a large day spa moved locations, leaving almost 1.5 contiguous acres available, developers Rohe and Wright saw an opportunity to emulate one of their most successful projects.

The majority of units in their courtyard community of Cheyne Walk, inspired by the stately townhomes in London, had been sold before ground breaking. Rohe and Wright wanted to create another low maintenance housing option for residents who still desired high end spaces and finishes. The site, nestled in the historic neighborhood of River Oaks, called for dwellings with an opulent feel. Since we had previously enjoyed a successful collaboration on the Cheyne Walk project, Rohe and Wright approached our office for design services for the planned development. They knew that a courtyard setting to provide respite from the city was a priority. As we wanted to emulate, not imitate the previous project, a few of us accompanied the team at Rohe and Wright on a research trip to London to document architectural precedents. Preston Wood and the team at Rohe and Wright spent a week exploring London, taking photos and notes on the urban houses and their stately stone archways. Hundreds of photos and several servings of fish and chips later, Preston returned to Houston to begin the schematic design phase for a peaceful courtyard community.

After the initial design phase, Preston Wood had plans for 25 lots in a courtyard configuration. The land was surveyed and replatted, the permitting process had begun, and homes were marketed to potential buyers. After the sales office had been open a few weeks, Rohe and Wright had to make a difficult decision. Although potential buyers loved the design and location of the project, many of them desired more square footage. As is often the case with land planning, changing one unit meant that all of the units would have to be changed and the lots reconfigured. Rohe and Wright listened to the buyers and made the bold move of removing 5 units from the development to make a community total of twenty units. All of the platting and the extensive drawing had to be done over, but it proved to be a wise move. Pre-construction sales have moved 75% of the units to date.
Almost all of the townhouse developments our firm has designed for Rohe & Wright have had a unifying theme, and Winfield Gate is no different. Following the success of the London inspired Cheyne Walk, Winfield Gate’s townhouse plans adhere to a similar stately style. Each townhouse plan is named after a U.S. Ambassador to Britain.
The community centers around a fountain surrounded by a granite cobble drive. The units are luxurious and spacious ranging from 3,550 to 5,700 SF. The townhouse plans have 3-5 bedrooms and each plan has a full bathroom for each bedroom plus an additional powder room in the common spaces. Statement staircases make a dramatic impression upon entry. Two and three car garages provide ample parking space for larger households.
Construction is now underway and we are excited to follow the progress and share updates and images on our blog. This site will look very different within a few months!



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