Will Homes Incorporate Amenities for Covid-19 and other Pandemics?

Will Homes Incorporate Amenities for Covid-19 and other Pandemics?

In this age of Coronavirus, we've all had to make adjustments to our daily life. Instead of shaking hands we wave or nod our heads. Buffets have been closed, along with salad bars and most other self serve food. These things may never come back. When we look at the new normal, we can only speculate about the changes to our lifestyle and how we build homes, cars, and design other spaces where people gather. While it's too soon to know what the new normal looks like, it is safe to say that some of these changes will remain with us for a long time.


We've learned a lot about how the virus moves, and one of the areas we'll need to revamp is our HVAC systems. From buses and other mass transit to movie theaters, malls and nursing homes, the way air is circulated in the areas we live and recreate will have to change. 


When the pandemic began the first thing people hoarded was toilet paper. In fact, even now it is difficult to come by in many areas. The rise of the bidet is no surprise in light of toilet paper shortages, and it will be interesting to see if they show up more in new home construction. Amazon continues to have back orders of bidets you can install on your current toilet so odds are we'll see more of the bidet in new design trends.

More Bots

Currently our front line workers include doctors, nurses and the people who ring up your groceries. We'll never replace doctors and nurses and the staff who support them in their heroic efforts, but in the near future you may see more bots at the checkout counter. Whether that looks like more self check out kiosks or a design that resembles a large vending machine only time will tell. Likely there will be a hybrid of sorts that ensures the safety of both the customer and the cashier.

Safe Rooms

A decade ago the safe room was all the rage in upscale condos, townhouses and other homes. The idea was for a place to go in the event of a home invasion or natural disaster. In the age of Covid, the safe room could be more like a guest suite in your home that includes a private bath and access to laundry for those who become ill or care for those who are ill, but not ill enough to demand in hospital medical care. We've designed these spaces is most of our townhouse floor plans, few customizations would be necessary for a safe and secure environment within the home for those who are sick and want to keep others from contracting the virus.

Sport Courts

Whether indoors or outdoors, the sport court is going to likely see an explosion. What has been generally an amenity for high end homes will likely see its way into more affordable housing. The sport court allows family members a place to exercise, play, and practice sports without having to be exposed to other people. In the days of home-school and working from home, the sport court could be a lifesaver.

These are just some of the changes we may see in home design due to covid-19. Time will tell what sticks with us and what we refuse to do to stay safe from a virus that can't be seen. 


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