Why It’s Great to Live in a Townhouse


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If you want to build a new home in the big city good luck finding a lot big enough. Unless you’re building in Wyoming, Montana, North or South Dakota or anywhere there’s a lot of land you’ll want to think about building a townhouse.

Townhomes are great because they take up relatively little land, can be as large as you’d like them be provided you’re willing to climb the stairs or install an elevator, and they’re easy to maintain.

They also look fabulous.

Townhomes are great to live in for all kinds of reason but mostly because they are beautiful, are energy efficient and can be built on smaller lots that are available in the city limits of most major metropolises.

Townhomes don’t need as much ongoing maintenance because there is little yard, usually, involved, two sides of the home share walls with homes on either side of you (no painting or repairing siding) and there’s not much of a walkway to shovel or sweep.

Townhouses are great places to entertain. You can host a party and yet your neighbors aren’t likely to hear any of it. At the same time a child could be sleeping upstairs while the party is taking place and you wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing him.

And finally living in a townhome keeps you active and in shape. Going up and down all those stairs is a great way to get a workout, no gym membership required!

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