Why Buy Townhouse Floor Plans from Preston Woods & Associates?


You can buy townhouse floor plans from anywhere. There are hundreds of places on the internet that sell stock home floor plans so why should you buy them from Preston Wood and Associates?

Tried and Tested Stock Townhouse Floor Plans

First and foremost these are premium townhouse floor plans. Don’t let the sale price of $1500 fool you. These floor plans are designed by a professional architect and because all of them have been built the kinks and bugs have already been worked out.

In addition to great floor plans you also get our 5 star service which you won’t find at any of the other stock home floor plan outlets on the web.

Preston Wood & Associates not only creates stunning townhouse floor plans but we make sure the townhouse is appropriate for your lot. We help plot out the land, position the plan on the lot so you get the best view and the best use of your land.

And then we really go to work.

Great Customer Support

Houston is famous for its lack of zoning and while that can produce a beautiful and vibrant cityscape (depending on your view – some love it and some hate it) it can be a nightmare for developers and builders.

If you’ve built a townhouse or really any structure in Houston you know that there is a lot of running around to learn the different restrictions that change from neighborhood to neighborhood and even block to block.

When you purchase floor plans from Preston Wood & Associates you get beautiful floor plans at a great price and you get our knowledge about building in a town without zoning.

What about the Flood Plain?

Wonder where the flood plain is? So do we because the flood plain map changes. What about easements, blockfaces and power lines? Those details aren’t always easily found and often not in one central location. We help you find the information you need so you can be assured your structure complies with all regulations.

Permitting Experts

Much of the information you need to build a townhouse in Houston is located with the city and can also be located using GIMS  (Geographic Information & Management System). Some of it is harder to find but when you purchase our floor plans we make sure you know the regulations necessary so you get permitted.

Speaking of permitting, most plans get kicked back a time or two but when you purchase floor plans from Preston Wood & Associates you can be certain we’ll help you get through the permitting process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Want to learn more? Call Preston Wood & Associates today to learn how we go the extra mile for you.


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