What is Floodplain Mitigation?


In Houston and other cities near water floodplain mitigation is an important part of the design and building of a new home.

Floodplain mitigation is the process and planning to move flood waters rather than prevent them. Levies break, barriers fail and you never know how much rain is going to fall but you can design your property to divert the flood waters.

Mitigation includes ponds and grading the land so the water flows away from the property. Drainage is a key factors in mitigation. It may seem obvious to simply not build in areas that are prone to flooding except the floodplain produces superior land for farming because of its rich and fertile soil. Land is generally flat in a floodplain making it easier to clear for development. And, floodplain land is usually in popular areas due to ease of transportation from rivers and seas.

We’ve been working closely with the city to make sure we meet the requirements for floodplain mitigation in Houston. Diverting the possible flood waters can yield lovely gardens and design features that might seem cosmetic but are actually fully functional. Keep an eye on our blog to see how the floodplain mitigation takes shape on our latest town home project in Houston.

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