Update on 1420 Wrightwood Street in Houston


1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston

Here is the latest update of our newest town house on Wrightwood Street in Houston. The slab has been poured..

1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston

Concrete blocks have been delivered and setup..

1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston

And framing has begun.

1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston

We’ve had some beautiful weather to work in. When all is complete these beautiful new townhouses will be available for sale.

1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston

Centrally located at just 1.5 miles north of downtown Houston and with easy access to I-45 and I-10.

1420 Wrightwood St. in HoustonStude Park is located directly across these lovely town houses.

1420 Wrightwood St. in HoustonHere’s Preston inspecting the new home construction.

1420 Wrightwood St. in Houston And this is the view from the second floor. The view from the third floor will be even better!

Construction is expected to be completed by May. The price of these lovely homes is in the low $600s. Not all of these amazing Town Houses have been sold yet.

E-mail us to learn more about these beautiful new town houses on Wrightwood Street of Houston.

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