Townhouse or Townhome?


We use the terms townhouse and townhome pretty interchangeably around these parts, but there is a difference. Townhouses were historically homes that were owned by the wealthy within the city. Because the homes were built in populous areas, they needed to sit on smaller footprint. These homes were not small, however. Even with a smaller footprint, or foundation size, they could often have up to 6 stories so were actually quite grand and expensive.

Townhomes, on the other hand, generally are regarded as non uniform units built to mimic detached homes. They are usually found in the suburbs and can be found grouped together.

Townhouses tend to be more reminiscent of rowhouses which aren’t usually uniform, even though most townhouses are.

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Our townhouse floor plans also have a wide range of design. From the classical townhouse to the more modern and suburban townhome. Many of our designs have mirror images as well as several variations of plans. If you’re building multiple townhouses in Houston or other populated cities, we provide a nice selection of attractive townhouse floor plans.

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