Townhouse Living on the Rise

Townhouse Living on the Rise

With the continued shortage of affordable new single family construction it's no wonder more and more home buyers are embracing townhome living.

There are many great reasons to choose a townhome over a conventional single family dwelling, with convenience at the top of the list. If you hate to spend your weekends mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters, townhouse life might be for you.

Townhouses have been around since the 18th century when wealthy British landowners were looking for a place to stay in the city during the social season. They would pack up their country estate households - including servants - and head to the city for the social season. The townhouse was born of necessity.

Today, most of us don't have multiple dwellings to move to and from, but we will likely move from one home to another depending on which stage of life we are living.

The townhouse is a perfect choice for newly married couples. They can be smaller, easier to find than single family homes and more affordable. Townhomes are also an excellent choice for empty nesters for similar reasons. Townhouses are located in all parts of the city so finding one in a good school district also makes them attractive to families with children. 

Other advantages to living in a townhouse include in addition to the aforementioned free weekends include great locations, amenities and community.

Beautiful luxury townhouses can be found just about anywhere - from the heart of the city to the suburbs, homeowners are able to live in luxury. Townhomes are usually close to mass transit making them ideal for those who prefer not to drive, or who want to reduce their carbon footprint. They're located in areas with high walkability scores, but also in more rural areas. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing a location for townhouse living.

Amenities are another reason many home buyers are choosing townhomes over single family dwellings. While many new townhomes come complete with Smart features and amenities, traditional amenities such as pool, clubhouse and party room are also still in demand.

The sense of community one has living in a townhome is high on the list of advantages for many home buyers. They enjoy the community that naturally develops by sharing a common wall with other home owners. 

Townhouses can be as modest or grand as you desire, just check out our library of townhouse floor plans to see all the variation. 

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