Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale in Tennessee


If you’ve been looking for townhouse floor plans for sale in Tennessee then you’ve come to the right place. At Preston Wood & Associates, we offer a large selection of townhouse floor plans. From smaller townhouse floor plans to over 5000 square feet – we’ve got a floor plan for you.

Our townhouse floor plans have all been built before so there won’t be any surprises. Purchasing a townhouse floor plan from Preston Wood & Associates provides you with trusted and quality designed floor plans. Because these townhouse floor plans have been built before, you can be assured all the bugs and kinks have been worked out of them.

No matter what size lot you have, we can help you find the perfect set of plans for your project. Many of our townhouse floor plans also have mirror designs.


Townhouses are great to build because you don’t need a large lot and yet can still build a large home. You built up instead of out. You can save on lot size and still build a luxury townhouse.

No matter where you are in Tennessee, you can build a fabulous townhouse and you don’t need to hire an architect to complete a new set of prints, simply choose from our many townhouse floor plans. We’ll even help you choose the perfect design based on your needs, lot, budget and preferences. By purchasing stock floor plans, you can build a stunning townhouse without the hassle of starting from the beginning. You’ll save time, money, and you’ll have fewer headaches.

To learn more about purchasing townhouse floor plans for sale in Tennessee please contact Preston Wood & Associates at 713-522-2724 for more information.

Preston Wood and Associates is a member of the “American Institute of Building Design”. The “AIBD” is a national organization with chapters in every major U.S. city including Atlanta, Albuquerque, Raleigh-Durham and Washington, DC.


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