Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale in Dallas, TX


townhouse floor plan by Jack Preston Wood and Associates in Dallas

If you’re living and building residential homes in Dallas you know it’s all about big, just like the rest of Texas. With townhouse floor plans from Preston Wood and Associates you can build the townhome of your dreams in Dallas and still feel like you’re living the life.

Preston Wood and Associates has hundreds of townhouse floor plans to choose from. We have over 400 to browse on the web and another 100 in the office. They range in size from the modest 1400 square feet to the more luxurious townhouse floor plans that top out at over 5000 square feet. Two story or three a townhome is a great way to live.

Living in a townhome has many advantages that a regular free standing single family dwelling doesn’t offer. In a townhome you can build on a smaller lot in the city but still have a ton of space because you’re building up. You can find a less expensive lot in an urban surrounding which makes your commute shorter and your choice of restaurants better than a couple of diners or chain restaurants out in the sticks.

Living in a townhouse is also advantageous because you have less yard maintenance. You can build a zen garden or just have a patch of grass, because the building takes up most of the lot there isn’t much yard work to get done each week. You have enough for the necessities like grilling your favorite steak on the back deck or letting the dog out to do his business (another plus, it’s contained in a smaller area making clean up time easier for the kids). Because most townhouses share a wall with another unit there are fewer windows to clean and more privacy.

One of the best things about living in a townhouse is you get to know your neighbors. It’s much easier to ignore a neighbor if you never cross paths with them but in a townhouse you might share a driveway or even a front walkway. You’re bound to run into them at some point. Knowing your neighbors is one of the best ways to reduce crime in your community.

For more information about building a townhouse in Dallas, TX give us a call at Preston Wood and Associates.


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