Townhouse Building Regrets in Houston – What to Avoid


If you’re building a townhouse in Houston, odds are you’ve done it before and know what to look out for. Smart developers know to use tried and true townhouse floor plans because they know the kinds and bugs have been worked out of them. At Preston Wood and Associates, all of our townhouse floor plans for sale have been built before so you know the townhouse you build will turn out just like you planned. Whether you’re building a townhouse in Houston or some other area there are several key considerations to keep in mind.

Townhouse Building Regrets in Houston – What to Avoid

Location – It’s the most important decision you make next to the floor plan you choose.

Placement – Of course location and placement go hand in hand, so it’s important to work with a professional, like those at Preston Wood and Associates, to position the plan on the lot for best possible views.

Aging in Place – Now more than ever, when we design a home we want to make sure the homeowner imagines what living in this home will be like in 10, 20 even 30 years from now. If you plan on staying in your home into your senior years you’ll want to design a home today that can accommodate those needs years from now. Installing grab bars in the bathroom, making sure the doors are wide enough for a wheelchair or walker, and installing security cameras and smart home features will ensure your home is built for your lifestyle now and in years to come.

Bonus Rooms – These are rooms that can be used for anything and that serve many purposes. Right now you might use a bonus room as a bedroom for one of the kids. After they leave for college you can turn that room into a craft room, study, fitness area or as a guest room.

Carpet – Carpeting is great in many rooms of the house, but let’s face it, it gets worn quickly if there’s a lot of traffic or kids and pets. Consider carpeting stairs, bedrooms and upper levels while leaving the main traffic areas with hardwood or laminate flooring and using area rugs as needed.

The Little Things – You may not think about it now, but handy features like a gas line for the outside grill and in-ground sprinklers are a great convenience. If you can splurge for some of the little things you’ll be happier with your home. Extra outlets will always be appreciated.

Smart Features – Homes are just getting smarter and smarter. Build with the infrastructure in place, even if you don’t utilize it now. More and more products are being developed to use over wifi and with a smartphone or tablet. You can lock your doors from the office or peek at the baby while on a business trip. Smart features can save time and money, don’t opt out of them if you can help it.

Storage – We’ve yet to meet a homeowner or tenant who complained that they had too much storage. When designing a townhouse be sure to include added storage, and then add a little more.

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