The Upside to Townhouse Living

The Upside to Townhouse Living

If you've been kicking around the idea of building a townhouse and are wondering what the perk of life in a townhouse are, there are many.

In the age of Covid with so many people working from home you need a design that provides a space for you to do all the things including: home schooling, working, virtual meetings, recreation, privacy and a space for either the kids to come home to or for aging parents to stay. 

A townhouse can fill all those needs. 

We've got an extensive library of townhouse floor plans. They range in size from under 2000 square feet to over 5000.

Whether you prefer a more formal design with sweeping staircase, optional elevator, formal dining and living areas or you're more into an open floor plan with ease of entertaining in mind, we've got something for everyone.

Living in a townhouse definitely has it's perks. You can build on smaller lots that you would a single family home, and yet still get more square feet out of the home because the house has up to four stories

Additionally, since these homes are not single family, there is less yard maintenance to consider. Townhouses are great for snowbirds and people who want to simplify their living situation. 

We've got traditional townhouse floor plans and more modern designs to choose from. Whether you're a large developer or just someone who wants to build a beautifully efficient home, we've got you covered.

If you're in the market for townhouse floor plans, we invite you to peruse our library of townhouse floor plans, when you've found one you like give us a call, we'll help you build your dream townhouse. Call us at 713-522-2724.

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