The Permitting Process


The permitting process can be confusing for even the most experienced builders and developers. If your permits are not in order your project will be delayed which can be costly. While permits can be confusing they are necessary to ensure that the structure is sound for generations to come.  The following details the permitting process.

Who needs a permit?

If you’re building a new home you will need a permit. If you’re simply renovating a part of your home you may not need one. The best way to determine if you need a permit is to talk to a code official or a plans examiner. They will be able to answer any questions you might have about your construction project and are able to assist you in apply for the appropriate permits for your project.

Which documents do I need to get a permit?

When applying for a permit you will need to provide a detailed plan of your project. They must be buildable plans for review and provide all the information about how the project will proceed. Following are the required documents necessary but keep in mind you may be asked for additional information.

  • Blue prints
  • Drainage plan
  • Energy code compliance report
  • Recorded plat
  • Soils
  • Structural engineering reports
  • Survey of the land

Is there a difference between a permit for new construction and remodeling?

In very general terms construction permits are a necessary document for all types of construction. Whether you are building a brand new structure or altering an already existing building you will likely need a permit.  A construction permit covers any permit while a building permit is required for new construction.  Building permits are more difficult to obtain because usually the land has not been used for a structure before. It is important to know the land restrictions when applying for a building permit.

Structures such as sheds and other out buildings may not require a construction permit.

Do I need a license to obtain a permit?

If you are the homeowner you do not need a special license to apply for a construction permit needed for smaller remodeling projects. However, if you hire a contractor he or she should obtain the permits.  For new construction a licensed contractor should obtain the permits.

What do I do if the city rejects my permit application?

If the city rejects your permit application you will need to resubmit your application with the suggested amendments made. Most permits are rejected because they didn’t have all the required information necessary.

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