Teamwork and Custom House Plans


Custom House Plans Require a Team of People to Design and Build

Choosing to invest in a custom house plan represents one of the biggest decisions of your life.  It may also very well be the most sizeable investment you ever make in a single purchase.  To ensure that you receive the results you expect from your custom house, it is essential to understand how the custom design process works.  It is also essential to understand how important client participation is from the beginning of that process until its completion.

By definition, the term “client” can refer to a single home buyer, a couple, or a family.  While couples and families consist of multiple individuals, they are treated as a single entity in terms of desires and accommodations.  This is because the house plan must appeal to the owners and any family residing there.  Everyone who will be living in the residence is going to have a unique vision for that home.  Bringing these parts of a vision into a unified home design depends partly on agreement within the   client   group,and partly on the expertise of the design team.

Our design team has over 30 years of experience designing custom home plans.  They are highly skilled at taking the intuitive vision that a client has for a home and creating a functioning form that gives dimension, color, and life to that vision.  To make a dream reality, though, requires constant contact with the dream itself.  This means that you, the client or client group, must be prepared to work with our team for 6-8 months until the residential design process is complete.

The first step in that process is the free consultation.  Here, you are encouraged to bring a scrap book of pictures and ideas that represent the many elements you wish to have incorporated into your custom home plan.  We assure you this will not overwhelm us.  The more information we have in the beginning, the sooner we can set the course for the final destination.  It is ambiguity and changes in plan mid-course that inhibit the process.

We also encourage you to bring all documents pertaining to your lot.  These are essential to determining the practicality of your custom home plan.  These documents are the lot survey, the topographical survey, the elevation certificate, deed restrictions, the title policy schedule B, the soil report, and a completed design questionnaire.

Also be prepared to discuss budget.  Even the wealthiest of clients have a limit on what they choose to invest in a custom house.  We are accustomed to working within budgetary constraints and we welcome a number from you.

If we gain a sufficiently clear picture of your expectations in this first interview, we can provide you with a quote on your custom house plan within 72 hours.  In some cases, clients require a second meeting that is also free of charge to provide us with all the necessary documents, wish lists, and completed questionnaire.   In these cases, a quote will be ready 72 hours after the second interview once all documents have been reviewed in detail.

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