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How to Age In Place in a Townhouse

How to Age In Place in a Townhouse

Since townhomes and townhouses are designed with several levels or stories, is it possible to age in place in a townhouse?

Even though our townhouses have 2, 3 and even 4 levels, it is indeed possible to age in place in them. In fact there are many benefits to aging-in-place in a townhouse.

Aging-in-place is the process by which people remain in their homes instead of moving to an assisted living home or nursing home as they become older.  Aging-in-place allows seniors the option to stay in their own home, or a new home to them, that remains in their community, near family and friends. It has been gaining in popularity as the Baby Boomers reach their senior years and defy the expectations of generations before them once again.

Aging-in-place has also become more popular as waiting lists to get into the assisted living home of their choice gets longer and longer.

How To Age In Place in a Townhouse

Aging in place in a townhouse isn't any different than in a condo, villa or single family home. By including specific features in the design of the townhome (or by renovating an existing townhome to meet their needs) homeowners can create a space that is easier to grow old in. 

Many of these features include no-threshold showers, handrails near toilets and other bathroom fixtures, lowered countertops to be accessed by someone in a wheelchair, wider hallways and doors to also accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, and including lifts or elevators.

Tech plays a role too in helping homeowners age in place. Voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo or Apple's Home Pod can provide an easy way to turn on lights, lock doors, engage security systems, as well as provide entertainment and communication. 

We offer many townhouse floor plans that can be modified for those who wish to age in place. Many of our designs have elevators as well as staircases providing easy access to the master suite no matter which level it is located.

Many of our townhouse floor plans include a lift, and lower level guest suite which is perfect for live-in help when the time comes. 

Townhouse Floor Plan: E2126

Townhouse Floor Plan: E2296 A1.1

Townhouse Floor Plan: E2221

Aging in Place in a townhouse has the added benefit of location. As townhouses can be built on smaller parcels of land - usually within urban or city settings - homeowners can live in communities with plenty of activities and entertainment nearby. Grocery stores, hospitals, clinics and easy access to the interstate can mean staying active and living a full and vibrant life. 

Aging in Place in a townhouse also means no yard work - such as cutting the grass or raking, but still provides the option for patio gardening, and entertaining on decks and patios that have been well-designed into our floor plans.

If you've got questions about choosing the right floor plan to fit your needs, we've got answers. Give us a call at 713-522-2724 to learn more about finding the perfect townhouse floor plan for your project.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Preston Wood & Associates, we hope you have a very Happy Holiday!

It has been our pleasure offering you the best in townhouse floor plans throughout the year. 

From our families to yours, have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Townhouse Living on the Rise

Townhouse Living on the Rise

With the continued shortage of affordable new single family construction it's no wonder more and more home buyers are embracing townhome living.

There are many great reasons to choose a townhome over a conventional single family dwelling, with convenience at the top of the list. If you hate to spend your weekends mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters, townhouse life might be for you.

Townhouses have been around since the 18th century when wealthy British landowners were looking for a place to stay in the city during the social season. They would pack up their country estate households - including servants - and head to the city for the social season. The townhouse was born of necessity.

Today, most of us don't have multiple dwellings to move to and from, but we will likely move from one home to another depending on which stage of life we are living.

The townhouse is a perfect choice for newly married couples. They can be smaller, easier to find than single family homes and more affordable. Townhomes are also an excellent choice for empty nesters for similar reasons. Townhouses are located in all parts of the city so finding one in a good school district also makes them attractive to families with children. 

Other advantages to living in a townhouse include in addition to the aforementioned free weekends include great locations, amenities and community.

Beautiful luxury townhouses can be found just about anywhere - from the heart of the city to the suburbs, homeowners are able to live in luxury. Townhomes are usually close to mass transit making them ideal for those who prefer not to drive, or who want to reduce their carbon footprint. They're located in areas with high walkability scores, but also in more rural areas. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing a location for townhouse living.

Amenities are another reason many home buyers are choosing townhomes over single family dwellings. While many new townhomes come complete with Smart features and amenities, traditional amenities such as pool, clubhouse and party room are also still in demand.

The sense of community one has living in a townhome is high on the list of advantages for many home buyers. They enjoy the community that naturally develops by sharing a common wall with other home owners. 

Townhouses can be as modest or grand as you desire, just check out our library of townhouse floor plans to see all the variation. 

2 Story Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale

2 Story Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale

At Preston Wood & Associates, we're known for designing the most beautiful 3 and 4 story townhouse floor plans, but we also design smaller townhouse floor plans. This 2 story townhouse floor plan for sale has everything you could want in a stunning design, but in smaller footprint at 1995 square feet.

The main level of this 2 story townhouse floor plan is well designed living space and the 2 car garage. The floor plan is open, providing a lovely space for entertaining or just hanging out with family. The kitchen is open to the family room and dining room so you'll never miss the conversation while preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for the extended family. You can even take the party outside under the covered lanai! The kitchen includes ample work space with both the large island and plenty of counter space. The pantry provides ample storage and organization. The powder room is located under the stairs.

Head upstairs to access the bedrooms. The master suite is located in the rear of the house for a little privacy and features a large 10X7 walk-in closet and a master bath with separate soaking tub and walk-in shower, private toilet area and double vanity sinks. There's plenty of storage and organization to be had in this well designed home.

The two bedrooms each have ample sunlight from two windows each and they share a bathroom with double vanity and tub/shower combination. Both had spacious closets and easy access to the second floor game room.

This townhome plan has 1995 square ft. of living space. This townhouse plan design has a width of 26'-10" and a depth of 52'-8". For more information on this townhome plan and floor plans please call 713 522 2724 or E-mail us.

  • LEVEL ONE: 678
  • LEVEL TWO: 1317
  • TOTAL LIVING: 1995


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    Preston Wood and Associates is a member of the "American Institute of Building Design." The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major U.S. city including Houston, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Dallas, Raleigh-Durham and Washington, DC.

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Large Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale

Large Townhouse Floor Plans for Sale

If you're looking for large townhouse floor plans for sale, be sure to take a look at this stunning design by Preston Wood & Associates of Houston, TX.

This beautiful townhouse floor plan has a total of 4465 square feet of living space. It includes 4 levels, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a spacious 2 car garage.

The main level of this well designed, large townhouse floor plan includes the 2 car garage, the porte-cochere, home office, 3rd bedroom and bathroom. This is a perfect place for the college student home for summer, live in help, or in-laws. It offers privacy and easy access to the rest of the home.

The second level of this townhouse floor plan is the main living area. It features an open floor plan - perfect for those who enjoy entertaining. The kitchen is open to the family room. It is bright and airy with plenty of natural sunlight pouring in through the balcony window. The kitchen includes plenty of counter space and cabinets for storage and organization. The living and dining rooms are large and open. Access to the lift is from the family room and powder room is conveniently located off the grand stairs.

The third floor of this beautiful home is home to the master suite and study and utility area. The master suite includes a generous bedroom area and large walk-in closests. The master bath is a place to unwind and relax. It features both a soaking tub and walk-in shower as well as double vanities. The toilet is private.

The fourth floor is where you'll find the second bedroom, city roomm with terrace access and the lounge. The lounge makes an excellent game room while the city room is where you'll host your friends for football. It comes complete with a wet bar.

This townhome plan has 4465 square ft. of living space. This townhouse plan design has a width of 28'-0" and a depth of 48'-2". For more information on this townhome plan and floor plans please call 713 522 2724 or E-mail us.

  • LEVEL ONE:                770
  • LEVEL TWO:              1275
  • LEVEL THREE:            1275
  • LEVEL FOUR:              1145
TOTAL LIVING:           4465


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Preston Wood and Associates is a member of the "American Institute of Building Design." The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major U.S. city including Houston, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Austin, Dallas, Raleigh-Durham and Washington, DC.


Trends in Home Building

Trends in Home Building

If you're looking for townhouse floor plans, you've come to the right place. If you're a trendsetter in home building, you'll know that the latest trends in home building include many features that are at the core of the townhouse.

Trends in Home Building

Going Green

Townhouses are notoriously green and getting greener with new technology. If you live in a townhouse, you already know this. For those who don't you share common walls with neighbors which reduces the need to heat or cool your home considerably. Depending on the design, solar panels can easily be installed on what are commonly flat roofs. Energy efficient windows and doors make the homes even more eco friendly and energy efficient.

Open Floor Plans

The trend in home design has been the open floor plan for a while now. Families like large common areas, especially for entertaining. Townhouses utilize the open floor plan because space must be used wisely. Additionally, because of the shared walls light must be considered. An open floor plan allows for the most natural light to envelope the room. 

Multiple Generations

These days, many families are considering building homes with the idea in mind that there will be many generations living under one roof. That could mean children who stay in the home longer, return after college or grandparents who live in the home to help raise the kids or who prefer family over a nursing home or assisted living facility. The townhouse design allows for bedrooms on each level providing privacy and one's own space while remaining in the fold.

Aging in Place

More and more people are opting to age in place. This means living in your home instead of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. A home that is optimal for aging in place is often a single level home but homes with elevators and other considerations for those with special needs work well. Townhomes are easy to navigate and often have elevators since they tend to be three levels or more.

If you're looking for townhouse floor plans please check out our library of floor plans