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Pitfalls to Avoid when Buying a Lot to Develop

Buying a lot and building on it can be awfully exciting. In essence you’re turning a blank canvas into a work of art. Whether you’ve built a hundred houses or this is your first there are a lot of things … Continue reading

What are the Soft Costs of Building Townhome?

When building a townhome in Houston, TX, there are many hard costs included in the price, but what are the soft costs of building a townhome? Whether you’re building using custom floor plans or stock floor plans, you’ll need to … Continue reading

Why Buy Townhouse Floor Plans from Preston Woods & Associates?

You can buy townhouse floor plans from anywhere. There are hundreds of places on the internet that sell stock home floor plans so why should you buy them from Preston Wood and Associates? Tried and Tested Stock Townhouse Floor Plans … Continue reading

Selecting the Right Paint Colors for your Townhouse

Color in a home is very important, maybe even more so in a townhome so selecting the right paint colors for your townhouse is important. Owning a home that looks extremely similar to others around you can leave you feeling … Continue reading

Houston Area Flood Recovery Resources

Our thoughts are with the victims of the flooding going on in Houston. If you’ve experienced loss there is help. If your car has been towed you can call 713-308-8580 or go to If your home or other property has sustained … Continue reading

Staging Your Home for Resale

In the past several years the real estate market has staged a considerable rebound. Interest rates are still at all time lows so now is a great time to sell your home. If you’re considering selling your home you’re going … Continue reading