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Three Story Townhouse Floor Plan with Mezzanine

Here’s another beautiful multi level townhouse floor plan with mezzanine for sale. The first floor of this townhouse floor plan features a spacious two car garage, third bedroom and bath and main entry. Stair run along the outer wall leading … Continue reading

2000 + Square Foot Townhome Floor Plan Design

Townhomes are a wonderful way to live. City living, you can build a town home on just about any size lot, and still affordable with all the amenities you could want. It’s easy to find town home floor plans for … Continue reading

Luxury Town Home Floor Plans

If you want to buy a luxury home but don’t want all the hassles that come with being a homeowner you might want to consider building a luxury town home. You own the home, a great investment, but the association … Continue reading

Contemporary Town Home Floor Plans

Town Home Floor Plans are boring. As homes go the old urban stand by, the town house, doesn’t get any respect. Simple enough, usually three levels, lots of hallway, and possibly 4 bedrooms. If floor plans were people the town … Continue reading

Town House Floor Plans For Sale

Preston Wood & Associates has one of the largest selection of affordable home plans for sale. We offer house plans for single family homes, multi family homes as well as town houses and town homes. Preston Wood & Associates sells … Continue reading

Update on 1420 Wrightwood Street in Houston

Here is the latest update of our newest town house on Wrightwood Street in Houston. The slab has been poured.. Concrete blocks have been delivered and setup.. And framing has begun. We’ve had some beautiful weather to work in. When … Continue reading