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Now is a Great Time to Build a Townhouse

Now is a Great Time to Build a Townhouse

There's never been a better time to build a townhouse. If you're looking for a great investment townhouses might be the thing for you. We've got a great selection of townhouse floor plans to choose from, all have been built before so you can build with confidence.

Interest rates are still low, and land for single family homes is only moving further and further out of the city. If you want to build a home in the city, a townhouse is a great investment. 

Whether you build one, two or twenty townhouses, we've got the floor plan to fit your needs. Our townhouse floor plans range from modest (under 2000 sq ft), to the expansive (over 5000 sq ft). 

We've got luxury townhouse floor plans with grand staircases, elevators and rooftop decks. We've got townhouse floor plans for sale with bonus rooms, tuck under garages and chef inspired kitchens. 

You can check out all of our various townhouse floor plans by clicking here.

No matter what type of townhouse floor plan you choose, at Preston Wood & Associates, we've got the right one for your project. 

We also modify plans. If you find one you love, but there are a few tweaks that you need made, we're happy to help. 

For more information on building the townhouse of your dreams give us a call at 713-522-2724.


Can You Age-In-Place in a Townhouse?

Can You Age-In-Place in a Townhouse?

As more and more Baby Boomers reach the age of retirement, many are wondering if it's possible to Age-In-Place in a townhouse. It's a fair question since most townhouses are multiple stories high and aging-in-place usually refers to single level homes.

It's true that stairs are a major issue when considering an aging-in-place plan. As we age stairs become more and more difficult to safely navigate. Also true that many homeowners don't want large dwellings to look after and townhouses sound rather large. 

At Preston Wood and Associates we sell townhouse floor plans for all different sized homes. From 1500 sq ft to 5000 sq ft, we've got the perfect sized townhouse floor plan for sale for your needs. 

Our smaller townhouse floor plans are great for those who want a smaller space to look after and navigate, but our larger townhouse floor plans can offer many amenities that make aging-in-place-in-luxury a possibility too.

So can you age-in-place in a townhouse? 

The simple answer is - of course you can. And it is simple since most of our townhouse floor plans can be modified to include a lift (though many of them already have them built into the design) in addition to stairs. Additionally, accessibility can be easily built into the design (and again in many cases has already). 


Most of our townhouse floor plans include elevator options in addition to standard staircases. A staircase is lovely, but no one wants to haul luggage up three flights of stairs, or a weeks worth of groceries to the second floor for that matter. Elevators and lifts make aging-in-place easy to do in a townhouse.


Most new designs are created with accessibility in mind. In fact, many are now standards. Doorways and hallways are large enough to accommodate wheel chairs and walkers. Today's bathrooms all feature no-threshold walk-in showers. If a soaking tub is preferred, one can be installed with a walk-in feature.


Townhouses by their very nature make security easier to manage than single family homes. In addition to the community that's created in a townhouse development, many of the design features help to reduce the incidence of crime and increase safety. Security systems and smart home features also play a part. 

Live In Care

Just about all of our townhouses are designed with a master suite on the upper level and a guest suite on the lower level. This space is perfect for live-in help whether it be from a professional caregiver or a family member. A private space for the caregiver is key to getting the best care possible as you age-in-place.


While it's possible to spend millions of dollars on a luxury townhouse, it isn't always necessary. Townhouses can be a wonderfully affordable way to maintain your standard of living, but without all the costs that go into maintaining a single family home.


The communities created in townhouse developments provide wonderful support networks for those who want to stay in their home rather than move to a facility. The Enclave at Stafford Oaks is doing just that (and we're thrilled they've chosen our townhouse floor plans).

Aging-in-place is certainly possible in a townhouse. The key is to find a home that includes all of the amenities listed above. 

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