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Lack of Zoning Did Not Cause Flooding Following Harvey

As anyone who builds in Houston knows, there is no one-size-fits-all zoning code. Houston is affordable because of its deregulation, because of the relaxed zoning codes homes are affordable which allows a vibrant and diverse culture to develop. Several have stated … Continue reading

New Project at 4343 Old Spanish Trail in Houston

Preston Wood & Associates is proud to announce our newest project beginning soon. We’re excited to be part of this new development taking place at 4343 Old Spanish Trail in Houston. The development consists of 26 beautifully designed rental units … Continue reading

Building Your Own Home

If you’re like most people, at one time or another you’ve dreamed of building your own home. But how do you turn that dream into a reality?   Many people get bogged down right from the start when it comes … Continue reading

Building in the Floodplain

If you’re thinking about building a townhouse, townhome, single family home, apartment complex, duplex or really any other dwelling, in Houston then you probably know you need to know a lot about building in the floodplain. It can be an … Continue reading

Why Buy Townhouse Floor Plans from Preston Woods & Associates?

You can buy townhouse floor plans from anywhere. There are hundreds of places on the internet that sell stock home floor plans so why should you buy them from Preston Wood and Associates? Tried and Tested Stock Townhouse Floor Plans … Continue reading

The Permitting Process

The permitting process can be confusing for even the most experienced builders and developers. If your permits are not in order your project will be delayed which can be costly. While permits can be confusing they are necessary to ensure … Continue reading