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Painted or Stained Cabinets

Painted or Stained Cabinets

There is no doubt the housing market is on fire lately. Whether you live in a townhouse, single family home or a condo - you know that new listings don't last long. While there is some regret among home buyers who have bought homes unseen and uninspected the hot home market doesn't look to be coming to an end anytime soon. 

Instead of buying a new home, many people are opting to update what they already have, and for most that means updating or remodeling the kitchen. A complete kitchen remodel can be expensive and make no mistake the cost of renovation has sky rocketed too. So what can you do to make your home feel fresh? 

Updating your kitchen cabinetry is a great way to bring new life to your home. Choosing to renovate even something small like the kitchen cabinets can be exciting and fun. 

It's exciting to browse through all the different counter top samples and surface samples. Pinterest is a great place to start and if you're like most who take on smaller DIY projects, you've probably spent a fair amount of time there already.

Some decisions are easier to make than others and might simply rely solely on personal preference.  Some choices however, take a little more thought. Choosing between enameled cabinets and stained cabinets is one such decision.

When selecting the cabinetry for your kitchen you'll want to make sure that you have chosen wisely. Your kitchen cabinets are fixtures that will be in your home for a long time so be sure not to simply purchase them based on current trends. Today's trendy cabinets might look  dated a few years down the road. If you want your kitchen to look ageless, you'll want to ensure your cabinets can also withstand the test of time.

So, what's the difference between enameled cabinets and stained cabinets?

Enameled Cabinets

Enameled kitchen cabinets are elegant, can help to create a light and airy feeling in your kitchen with proper color choices, and is currently a hot trend in home design. Enameled cabinets allow for a beautiful painted finish that will allow you to more easily incorporate any decor options you like into your kitchen. 

Stained Cabinets

Stained cabinets are a little easier to  maintain and are often less expensive than enameled cabinets though no less stunning. A stained finish provides a traditional look to your home by adding warmth and character. If you're considering stained cabinets you don't have the limitless color options of enameled cabinets, but you do have the type of wood and finish to consider. Some woods  are harder than others and take different stain colors more readily. The color of stain that you would like will affect the type of wood you'll need.

Alder - is a soft wood and dents easier than other woods. The plus to this type of wood is that it can be stained in a variety of colors and is the most cost efficient.

Poplar – is a little harder than Alder, it is cost efficient, but can only be stained a darker color as its shows a lot of green wood grain if its stained to light.

Maple – is the next harder product, it’s a step up in price from the last 2, sometimes shows a blotchy look to it if its stained too light, otherwise dark is no problem.

Cherry – is next harder product, it’s a step up in price from Maple and will actually get darker as time goes on.

When choosing between stained cabinets and enameled cabinets simply keep this in mind; don't let trends dictate the selections you choose, choose the selections that make you feel at home. Also, if you're worried about small children potentially causing damage to your cabinets you may want to consider cherry cabinets for  their harder wood.

Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

2020 was the year we all spent a lot more time at home. With little preparation many of us found ourselves working at home, home schooling and generally stuck at home. When you spend all your time in one environment you start noticing where changes can and should be made. What many builders and remodelers have discovered is that homeowners want separate spaces to do all the different things - study or den for homework and work, living room for non work activities, a kitchen that has plenty of storage and work space.

Spending more time at home meant spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals, especially in areas that saw lockdowns and closures of restaurants. Suddenly we were cooking - and baking lots and lots of bread. If necessity is the mother of invention, then Covid was the time we realized that our designs were not geared toward being homebodies who baked.

Kitchen design trends inspired by Covid19.


If you didn't have a pantry before Covid, you probably do now. Or at least you've carved out a space to keep a larger supply of canned and dry goods on hand. If you're in the market to build a new townhouse or other style of home you'll likely include a pantry in the floor plan. Whether storing food, paper products or other items that became scarce in the beginning, a pantry is handy way to store everything.

Touchless Amenities

We all became aware of how often we touch things during the pandemic. From coffee makers, to light switches to the kitchen faucet - we touch things thousands of times a day. It simply isn't feasible to wear gloves all the time or to wash after every touch. Touchless features like faucets, light switches and other smart technology can eliminate a lot of spreading of germs.


Who didn't declutter this past year? Everyone took a page from that famous book about sparking joy and decluttering and got rid of the things taking up space and getting in the way. We all went a little minimalist in 2020. We learned what was essential - toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, and what was not - most everything else. Goodwill and other thrift stores are bursting at the seams with all the donations. A sparser look will be in style for a while.

Neutral Colors

White is still a favorite choice, but warmer, neutral tones have made a comeback. Pantone chose a yellow that was meant to inspire hope, something we all need as we find our new normal. 


Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

No matter what style townhouse you are considering, there's no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of the home. While once relegated to rear of the home, the kitchen is now front and center in any modern design. 

Homes today, whether they are two story townhouse floor plans or larger 4 story townhouse floor plans, all feature a kitchen that is the main gathering place of the home. Living space is designed around the kitchen with multiple options for eating in and formal dining. 

Kitchen design is always evolving, but here are some of the current trends in kitchen design that we are loving.

Kitchen Trends We Love


AI is making its way into the kitchen and other areas of the home. These days you can tell your oven to turn itself on and ask the fridge if you're about out of milk. Hands free faucets that are motion activated are both accessible and energy efficient. Home automation will continue to evolve and we can't wait to see what's next.

Blending Design Styles

With open floor plan where one room blends into another, it stands to reason that the design characteristics would carryover into other rooms. Counters and islands in the kitchen are designed to accentuate the built-ins in the main living area and dining spaces. 

Neutral Palette

You may have noticed that many homes today feature a neutral color palette. A neutral kitchen won't look dated in 5 years when trends change. Neutral doesn't have to be boring, you can add a pop of color with less permanent fixtures like drapes or window covering or you can go bold and install a brightly colored sink - more widely available now that this has been trending for a while.

The Pantry

The pantry used to be found in larger more luxurious homes, not anymore. Most homes designed today have a pantry for storage and organization. Not only does a pantry provide a place to keep dry goods, cans and bulk items, but it also provides a place to store appliances that might not be used regularly but that still need easy access. Keep your countertops clear by placing small appliances in the pantry.



There's never been a time when we have appreciate the uncluttered look like we do today. Lockdown will spur even those who tend toward hoarding to get rid of that which does not bring joy. Kitchens today are designed with ample storage so the counters don't ever have to be cluttered. 


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