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New Homes Attract Consumers Looking to Save on Energy Costs

(NAHB) The home building industry celebrates New Homes Month in April by sharing the top features that will be seen in typical new homes built in 2016. Once again, builders are responding to what home buyers want by offering greater … Continue reading

Houston is the Energy Capital of the World

It wasn’t always the case but Houston, Texas has become known as the Energy Capital of the World. Houston is the largest city in Texas and home to more than 3,700 energy-related businesses including Conoco Phillips, BP Oil, and Shell Oil. Houston … Continue reading

Houston, TX: One of America’s Greenest Cities

Houston, TX is one of the largest producers of energy in the world, and with energy production, pollution is inevitable. However, the 4th biggest city in the U.S. is starting to lower its carbon footprint by implementing innovative green initiatives … Continue reading

Building a Panic Room

A while back there was a movie and a lot of talk about panic rooms. You don’t hear about them much anymore, those rooms you can barricade yourself in to get away from robbers, weather, nuclear disaster (if designed and … Continue reading

Innovative Energy Solutions to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The heat is going to be with us soon and if you haven’t done anything to make your home more energy efficient you’ll be looking at higher energy bills this season. This infographic from Innovative Energy Solutions of Edina has … Continue reading