Stock Options


The most convenient and least expensive way of moving into a new home is to invest in one of our stock home plans.  Because each of these plans was originally a custom plan that was stored in our stock database for resale to future clients, none of our plans are generic.  They all began as something unique, and they all offer something unique.  Preston Wood has an appreciation for all types of house plan styles, therefore we have house plans ranging a wide spectrum of styles.

At the same time, it is much easier to buy a stock home plan because it takes anywhere from 6-8 months to custom design a home from scratch.  Provided that you request no further customizations, the stock plan you purchase is ready for the builder the day you buy it.  Not only does a stock home plan save you time, but it is also sure to prove reliable.  It represents a home that has already been built somewhere at least once.  Any construction difficulties that may have arose in the past have been corrected, and the original plan revised accordingly prior to storage in our system.  

Because we have been in business for thirty years, there are thousands plans that you review.  Do not let your mind trick you into thinking that a stock home plan means limiting your options.  There are many categories of plans that represent all manner of architecture and personal lifestyle.  One is sure to be right for you. 

You can search through our stock plans on our website using an advanced search feature that lets you research by specific criteria.  You can also provide our team with a wish list and we will find a plan that matches your desires.  Be sure to be as thorough as possible in your wish list. 

It is also important when buying a stock plan that you first purchase a lot.  There are many people who call us that want to buy a plan before they buy a lot.  This does not work because there are many characteristics of a lot that affect the size and type of home can be built on that it. 

To find a stock home plan most suited to your future, you should first own property.  We will then need to compare home plans in our system to your property surveys, deed restrictions, and soil descriptions.  This enables us to determine that the house you build will fit the yard and work for you they way you want it to.

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