Stock House Plan Changes


There are two ways to customize a stock home plan.  If you are building locally, our team can change it for you. If you are building outside the greater Houston area you can buy the CAD files and have a designer to whom we refer you make the changes.  These designers are members of the American Institute of Building Design and are well-known to our team for their expertise and excellence in home design.   It makes sense to hire a designer locally as they should be familiar with the building codes in your area.


 It is often less expensive to go to a third party for customization of a stock home plan.  However, you may want to stick with us in making these changes.  We are happy to accommodate you, and wish to make the residential design process go as smoothly as possible by sharing a few points how best to go about it. 

1. Locate a lot prior to purchasing and customizing a stock home plan.  The size, condition, and restrictions on a lot may present some obstacles to what may be built there.  If we know these obstacles in advance, we can better devise a workaround or find you a better alternative.

  1. 2. Locate a floor plan in our stock that is close to your expectations.  There are thousands to choose from in our database.  We can expedite any requested changes much more quickly and cost effectively if there are fewer changes to make.  Making a detailed wish list first before you begin your search will better enable you to find a house plan that closely matches your expectations

Once the customization of your stock home plan begins, there are two types of fees that could apply: hourly and square footage.

Changes in elevation and interior style are charged by the hours.  Changes in locations of walls that result in altering the home’s square footage incur a cost per square foot.

Additional fees of either type, when incurred, are added to the base cost of the stock plan.

The following scale summarizes the three types of customization we offer: 

Type 1: Basic changes to elevations, minor changes to interior design details. 

Fees: Hourly + Stock Plan Base if no changes to square footage occur

$.75 cents to $.95 cents per square foot if interior walls are moved

Changes are complete within 30 days.

Type 2: Changing elevation, minor changes to interior floor plan, moving interior walls

Fees: $.95 to $1.25 per square foot. 

 Changes are complete within 60 days.

 Type 3: Major floor plan changes like moving exterior home walls. 

Fees: $1.10 to $1.50 per square foot

 Changes are complete within 90 days.

 Again, customizing a stock home plan that is already very close to what you want will make this process go as quickly as possible and better ensure your expectations are fulfilled.

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