Selecting the Right Paint Colors for your Townhouse


Color in a home is very important, maybe even more so in a townhome so selecting the right paint colors for your townhouse is important. Owning a home that looks extremely similar to others around you can leave you feeling a little less than unique. Luckily there is so much that can be done with color that after a little thought your home will feel like you. These five key steps can help you choose the perfect color schemes for your townhouse in Houston.

Find Inspiration

Create a portfolio of design ideas that appeal to you. You can use images or artwork that inspires you and then draw from the color schemes used in the image, or you can scour the internet for designs that are already being incorporated in other people’s homes.

Once you have a portfolio you can go through it and see what color schemes show up most and start choosing colors for your homes design.

Think About the Mood

Paint helps to create a mood in your living spaces. Color can help make your bedroom feel restful, your living room feel energizing, and your kitchen feel homey. The mood you want to achieve in a room will set the groundwork for the rest of the design features and color choices you will incorporate into a room.

Cool colors and neutrals can help to create a quieter feel while stronger colors are for drama. Be careful with bright colors, as some colors when used incorrectly can lead to unrest.

Use Key Elements in your Home

Select a color from something in your home that you love. This color can be drawn from a rug, a piece of artwork, accent piece, or furniture. Using something you already own as the groundwork for your design is a great way to start selecting colors that will complement each other.

Pay Attention to Lighting

You may have noticed that paint stores have light boxes for you to test paint chips. This is because colors can have different appearances depending on the type of light that hits it.

  • Natural daylight will show the paints truest color
  • Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones and yellows
  • Fluorescent lighting will cast a blue tone

It’s not necessarily a good idea use a strong color on a wall next to a large window as it might make the color appear to bright and overpowering. On an accent wall out of the direct light, however, it may be more effective.

Pay Attention to the Color Wheel

There’s a great tool provided for free by adobe called Adobe Kuler. This is a very strong tool that can help artists and interior designers capture and create beautiful color palettes easily and is a great tool if you don’t have a lot of experience working with color.

Finding and using complementary color schemes, monochromatic schemes, Analogous, and more is a breeze with this tool.

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