Pros and Cons of Townhouse Living


If you’re a city dweller you’re probably familiar with the Townhouse floor plan. A large, narrow,  single family dwelling with long hallways, and lots and lots of stairs. If you’ve lived in more rural areas you might wonder why people would even live in a home where the walls are adjacent to another home on each or either side but for people who hail from populous areas a townhouse is the only way to go if you want privacy and no one telling you what you can and cannot do to your home.

People have love/hate relationships with their townhouses. On the one hand they are gloriously beautiful homes. The townhouse is almost as all American as the farmhouse with white picket fence. The townhouse is indeed a classic. But there are some drawbacks.


In a typical townhouse there are lots and lots of stairs going up 3, 4, 5 and even 6 levels. In a home that is narrow and long that means you have bedrooms on one level, kitchen and living areas on another and things such as laundry and maintenance on another level. That means there’s a lot of going up and down the stairs if you forget something. Elevators are not typically installed because they take up so much room in a narrow area and can be too slow to make them worthwhile for more than a laundry chute or a means of carrying luggage up and down the stairs.

Raising Children

While most occupants of the townhouse are families it can be a challenge to raise small children in them. Bedrooms are often located on multiple floors which can separate a frightened child from their parents. Small children sustaining injuries on stairs can also be an issue if parents aren’t vigilant.


Many townhouses are their own entity meaning they are not part of an association and there is no one to care for them except the homeowner which can mean your weekends are spent patching the roof, painting the exterior or maintaining those steps.

On the other hand, people who have lived in Townhouses love them for their romance. These homes are cozy, even if the older ones tend to be a little drafty.


Throwing a party in a townhouse can be a joy. The kitchen is often away from the other living areas so staff or food prep is out of sight. The house looks stunning with skylights over the stairs at night. If you have small children they probably won’t even hear the party from their bedroom and you won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbor because they aren’t likely to hear you through two feet of concrete.

Yard Maintenance

Aside from a tiny bit of lawn mowing, there isn’t much to keeping up the yard. Typical lots are small so there isn’t much work to be done on them and what does have to be cleaned, fixed or maintained can be with little effort.

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