Preparing your Home for Winter


Whether you live in a townhouse, townhome, a single family home or an apartment or condo you’re going to need to prepare you home for the winter months. Even if you live in a warmer climate there are things you can do to prepare your home for the colder, longer nights that will both save you money and save you in frustration.

Home fires peak during the months of January, February and March so if you didn’t change the batteries in your smoke detectors now is a really good time to go and do that.

We’ll wait.

Sealing up drafty windows and doors is a great way to save on your energy bills. You can purchase weather stripping and window plastic at the hardware store for a minimal investment and yet the savings and comfort you experience can be priceless.

Keep the thermostat down below 70 degrees to save some dough. For each degree you raise it you could be wasting up to $10 a month!!

As dad used to say – “Put on a sweater”.

Here are some more great tips for preparing your home for winter from Nextitle.

Prepare your home for Winter

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