Land Planning in Houston


You’ve picked up a nice piece of land right smack in the middle of Houston, or maybe not so central, and now you want to build on it.

If you’ve built new construction in Houston you know getting all the paperwork in place can be a huge challenge. There is a ton of work to do before you can even think about pouring those footings.

First things first, you need to get a survey of the property. It might seem like a small enough thing to do but if you choose a surveyor who only provides a basic service you might not know much more than where the property begins and ends.

This is important no matter what kind of structure you’re building. If you’re building a single family home you need to know where you can set that house and it’s different from where a townhouse or other multi family housing.

A good surveyor will find out where the utilities are and that’s extremely important if you’re building a townhouse, which has more restrictions than a single family home because it’s a taller building.

The city isn’t going to do your homework and they are exonerated from any mistakes so if you make one it’s your neck, or wallet, on the line.  Mistakes can be costly cutting into your ROI so do your homework and make sure you know about any deed restrictions, easements and elevation certificates if necessary.

After you’ve gotten a good survey of your property you’ll need to place the floor plan. It used to be you placed the structure facing the street and that was the end of it but there are a lot of things to consider when placing the structure on the property.

One of the most important considerations  to make when building a new townhouse is the view.  What do you think the homeowner wants to look at when they wake up, eat dinner or relax with friends? Most floor plan shops don’t bother thinking about those things because they probably will never see the property let alone the finished home.

Not Preston Wood & Associates, we go out to the land and determine where you’ll get the best views for the placement of the plan. We’ll verify setbacks as well as the flood plain maps so you can be assured your structure is positioned perfectly as well as meeting all regulations, deed restrictions and easements.

At Preston Wood & Associates we go the extra mile because we know the challenges of building a townhouse in Houston. We want your business and are willing to work to earn it. Our floor plans have been built before so you know the bugs have been worked out. They’ve been designed by an award winning architect so you know they’re beautiful and functional. Click here to browse our complete library of floor plans all on sale for $1500 – great customer services included!

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