Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

2020 was the year we all spent a lot more time at home. With little preparation many of us found ourselves working at home, home schooling and generally stuck at home. When you spend all your time in one environment you start noticing where changes can and should be made. What many builders and remodelers have discovered is that homeowners want separate spaces to do all the different things - study or den for homework and work, living room for non work activities, a kitchen that has plenty of storage and work space.

Spending more time at home meant spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals, especially in areas that saw lockdowns and closures of restaurants. Suddenly we were cooking - and baking lots and lots of bread. If necessity is the mother of invention, then Covid was the time we realized that our designs were not geared toward being homebodies who baked.

Kitchen design trends inspired by Covid19.


If you didn't have a pantry before Covid, you probably do now. Or at least you've carved out a space to keep a larger supply of canned and dry goods on hand. If you're in the market to build a new townhouse or other style of home you'll likely include a pantry in the floor plan. Whether storing food, paper products or other items that became scarce in the beginning, a pantry is handy way to store everything.

Touchless Amenities

We all became aware of how often we touch things during the pandemic. From coffee makers, to light switches to the kitchen faucet - we touch things thousands of times a day. It simply isn't feasible to wear gloves all the time or to wash after every touch. Touchless features like faucets, light switches and other smart technology can eliminate a lot of spreading of germs.


Who didn't declutter this past year? Everyone took a page from that famous book about sparking joy and decluttering and got rid of the things taking up space and getting in the way. We all went a little minimalist in 2020. We learned what was essential - toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, and what was not - most everything else. Goodwill and other thrift stores are bursting at the seams with all the donations. A sparser look will be in style for a while.

Neutral Colors

White is still a favorite choice, but warmer, neutral tones have made a comeback. Pantone chose a yellow that was meant to inspire hope, something we all need as we find our new normal. 


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