How To Help Houston Flood Victims


The flooding continues in Houston, TX. After the catastrophic downpours in Dallas, Houston has so far received 11 inches in just hours. Roadways and homes are flooded, power has been knocked out and first responders are having difficulty getting to people in need because of the torrential rains. So far two people have died in the storm.

The storm has been causing catastrophic damage to those in Oklahoma and Mexico and is expected to continue on through Louisiana and Mississippi.

So far 13 people have died in Mexico, 4 in Oklahoma and 5 in Texas. There are dozens missing including a woman and her two children whose home was swept away while on vacation, the husband has survived but so far no sign of the mother and two children.

The Red Cross is asking for volunteers to help with the flood. You can apply to be a Red Cross volunteer here.

To make a donation to the Red Cross please click here.

Blood is always needed so if you can please consider donating blood.

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