How to Get the Best Price when Selling Your Home


Whether you live in a townhouse in Houston or you live in a single family home in Galveston, when it comes time to sell your home you want to get the best price for it. The Houston housing market is humming along, sales are up and prices are up – which is great news. So how to you make sure you get the best price when selling your home?

  1. Hire a Realtor – Yes, you’ll have to pay a commission, but they know how to price your home so it sells quickly and for the maximum amount. They’ll also have great insight on how to present your home to get a better asking price for it.
  2. De-Clutter – This is usually one of the first things a Realtor or professional stager will tell you to do. Get rid of the clutter. Home buyers want to be able to imagine all of their stuff in the home, so you want it to look as neutral and uncluttered as possible. Donate, sell or store what can be missed for a month or two.
  3. Clean Closets – Decluttering includes the closets. No one ever feels like they have enough closet space, so make sure yours look like they have plenty. This is also a great way to get rid of some of the things you’ve collected over the years that will never be used again. Donate, sell or store anything that hasn’t been used in the last 3 months.
  4. Remove Family Photos – Again, the home buyer is trying to imagine their life in your home so make it easy for them to do so. Hang a couple of large prints on the wall in living areas and leave the rest of the walls bare.
  5. Professional Photos – Hire a professional photographer to take the shots of your home for any marketing on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and your Realtor’s website.
  6. Paint – A fresh coat of paint is one of the best things you can do to ensure you get the best price for your home, and it’s easy and inexpensive to do. Not only will a fresh coat of paint make the room look clean and fresh, it will also make your home smell clean and fresh.
  7. Shampoo the Carpets – If you have children and pets this is a must. Hire a professional to shampoo the carpets and clean the floors. If you have hardwood, it might be time to get a buff and shine.
  8. Stage your Home – Hire a professional stager to come in and do their magic. Many times they will use your furniture, but they may bring in pieces too (and have you remove some of your own). Don’t be offended, they’re trying to achieve a neutral look so a buyer can project their belongings in your home.
  9. Clean the Windows – You’ll want to have as much natural light as possible, so be sure to clean the windows and launder and drapes and dust any blinds.
  10. Make Minor Repairs – Fix the disposal, patch the fence and secure that newel post that’s been loose. That way any potential buyer won’t imagine all the work they’ll have to do if they buy it.

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