Houston is the Coolest City to Live


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There are a lot of top ten lists for which city is the best place to live. Every month there’s a new article, study or poll stating any given city is the best based on very specific criteria. Certainly if you like it cold Minneapolis is a great place to live. If you like it even colder Duluth is the best place to live. But what if you don’t want to freeze for half the year? What if you’re looking for a place that has interesting people, great architecture, a city scene that is filled with culture, some amazing food and a great place to raise kids? And what if in addition to all those things you want to live in a place that is cool. Not cold like Minneapolis or Duluth but cool as in smooth, fly or happening? If you’re looking for the coolest place to live then you’ll want to check out the Bayou City. Houston has been voted the coolest place to live for a great many reasons.

It might not be cool but one of the great things about Houston is that it was pretty much recession proof. The recession was tough on a lot of cities but Houston just kept on keeping on. Houston has energy companies including Exxon Mobil and BP but also is home to health care, transportation and tech companies making it a great place to avoid getting hit hard by the recession. In fact there were more and more young professionals are moving to Houston each year because the job market remains strong and vibrant. Come to think of it, that is pretty cool!

Houston has culture too. There’s always an art exhibit or 30 going on. If you’re looking for something a little different to do there’s the Art Car Parade where the locals have been decorating their cars in the most outlandish and colorful art possible and then putting then on parade for everyone to enjoy, upwards of 250k people each year!

Houston is you in mind, spirit and body. Because of the great job market college grads are making their way to Houston for the available jobs. The constant influx of young professionals make Houston a fun and exciting place to live.

Houston has the food. From down-home BBQ to Taco Tuesdays there isn’t a dish you can’t find that has been done right in Houston. Houston has find dining down to an art – no surprise – and also has some of the best Tex-Mex you can find.

Houston has stunning architecture too. From the more classically designed townhomes and single family homes to the more modern homes that are springing up all over town there’s a style for everyone in this thriving community.

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