Houston and the Nation Say Goodbye to Last 9/11 Rescue Dog


At Preston Wood and Associates of Houston it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the last 9/11 rescue dog. Bretagne, a 16 year old golden retriever is believed to be the last surviving search and rescue dog from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center wreckage.

Bretagne was euthanized Monday at a veterinary clinic in the Houston suburb of Cypress, according to a statement from the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.

Bretagne had been retired since the age of 10, and living with her owner Denise Corliss of Cypress, TX, a Cy-Fair volunteer firefighter, for all of her 16 years.. Though she was retired she still helped other search dogs in training and volunteered at a local elementary school in their reading program.

Bretagne was part of the Texas search-and-rescue contingent that descended on New York City after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to search for victims at Ground Zero. In all, around 300 dogs took part in the search efforts.

Yesterday morning, nearly two dozed firefighters lined the entrance to the veterinary clinic to honor her one last time and to say their goodbyes.

Bretagne had been nominated for a Hero Dog Award from the Humane Society and had served as ambassador for search and rescue dogs in retirement.

Click here to see the story in the Chron.

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