Home Design Trends for 2016


Whether you live in a mansion or a townhouse in Houston, there are many new home design trends for 2016 that we hope catch on (and a few that go away). From the return of the formal dining room to a bidet in every master bath there’s something for everyone in this list of top design trends from Houzz.

1. Bidet – The bidet is a huge sensation in Europe but never really made much of an impact in the US. For good reason, to have two large fixtures in a bathroom seemed unnecessary, especially one that seemed so fancy. Today, manufacturers are making combination toilets and bidets so only one unit is necessary. With less wasted space the trend is catching on, according to Houzz 5% of renovated master bathrooms include a bidet. Are you ready for one?

2. Return of the Formal Dining Room – For the last several years the trend has been away from the formal dining room. Home builders and designers have been excluding formal dining rooms an instead increasing the area of the living room or family room. With large open floor plans it was easy to see that the formal dining room wasn’t used except on holidays and special occasions. Many builders and homeowners opted to turn the room into an office, craft room or just eliminate it altogether. For people who love to entertain the dining room is a must and we’ve been seeing a resurgence as the economy gets better nationwide.

3. Black Stainless Steel – While black stainless could certainly been the top trend in kitchen design, the demise of stainless appliances has been on the books for years and yet it’s still just as popular as ever. Both are beautiful so go with whichever one makes you happy.

4. Tech Free Living Rooms – The family room has gone tech free, at least that is the prediction for 2016. More and more families want a place in the house to unwind and unplug. The family or living room is predicted to be a place to read, play games and connect with family and friends face to face.

These are just some of the top trends in home design predicted for 2016. To see more click on the slideshow from Houzz.

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