Has Covid Changed the Way We Live?


Has Covid changed the way we live? For the last year we've altered the way we live. Many of us worked from home for the first time and that has indeed changed the way we live. Forget a long commute, now we commute from our bedroom to the living room or dining room to carry on business. For many, this shift to working from home has inspired homeowners to alter their home designs to reflect that they probably aren't going to go back to the office any time soon.

Many people, suddenly forced to spend all day in their home have decided it's time to make their home the place they want to enjoy. Home remodeling companies can't keep up with the demand they are currently experiencing. Homeowners that don't have a spare room to turn into an office are faced with the decision to remodel or move. The housing market is hot right now and the demand for home inventory is so high people are buying homes sight unseen. This allows many to move who might have waited a little longer for a variety of reasons - kids still in school being the main consideration. 

We're spending more time than ever before in our homes to it's no surprise that people are spending money to alter them to fit their lifestyle.

Townhome living can be a great alternative to those who might want to downsize from the work of a single family home to that of an association maintained home - but want to retain all the features love - large kitchen, bonus rooms, master suites.

For many office workers who have been working from home the past year, the realization that one can do their work virtually means you no longer have to live in the same state as your job. 

We are indeed changing the way we live in our homes, and if the home can't function the way we want it to, we build new or find one that can. What we've learned during this last year of Covid is that we can work from home, and that means home can be anywhere. 

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