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Have you had it with the huge homes out in the suburbs? Are you tired of home floor plans that are meant for large homes on large properties? Do you want to find a simple home, a smaller home? Are you looking for a space that represents a pared down lifestyle yet has all the charm of villa or cottage?

If you’re looking for such a home, a garden home, then you’ve found the right place. We offer garden home floor plans to fit any budget. Our affordable garden home plans can be built as is or can be customized to fit your special needs and desires.

Our garden houses  feature the less is more approach to square footage. 18th Century British Author Edmund Burke believed that our concepts of beauty were rooted in our perceptions of the diminutive.  We find comfort in things that do not overwhelm our senses, and in simple designs that create a sense of balance and proportion when we perceive them.

Our garden home floor plans are perfect for smaller families, retired couples and single people because there is less space to maintain and manage.

If you’d like to learn more about our Garden House floor plans please click here.

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