Demolition and Re-use in Houston House


As mentioned in a previous post, our clients building in Timbergrove wanted to re-use everything they could from the original house on the lot they purchased to build their custom house plan. The house plan has been permitted and demolition has begun to clear way for our clients’ dream house.

IMG_9594 IMG_9595 IMG_9597

There were many elements in good condition from the old home on the lot that have been salvaged to integrate into secondary structures on the property. Several windows were saved and will be used in a garden shed, and the solid wood kitchen cabinets will be placed in the garage. An existing garden border made of tubular concrete units will be repurposed for the sidewalk. Demolition began June 2, 2012. Note the windows and cabinets have been removed for future use.

We are excited to see our two story house plan being built and look forward to sharing more photos with you as it progresses!


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