Custom Home Design Process



Custom home plans give you several advantages over stock home plans.  If you decide to buy a custom design, it will be one of the most important investments you ever make.  To make sure you get all the benefits you expect from it, it is imperative that you understand how important it is to work with the project team on a collaborative basis.

It is also important that you include in this collaborative process any relationship partner, children, or family members who will be living in the new home.  In order to accommodate all residents of the future home, we have to treat the group as a single entity whose shared expectations can be fulfilled in the completed structure of the home.

Our project team has been designing custom home plans in this fashion for over 30 years.  They are extremely well-versed in taking a vision and transforming it into a structure that provides an individual, couple, or a familywith the ultimate in personalized living experience.This transformation requires a carefully implemented, five-phase process that takes 14-18 months to complete.  These phases are as follows:

Phase I –  Interview/Programming Meeting with Client

Phase II – Design Schematic

  • Phase III – Development Design
  • Phase IV – Documents Construction
  • Phase V – Final Review

At the beginning of Phase I, we give you a free consultation.  We encourage you to bring pictures and a list of ideas that represent what your new home will eventually look like.   The more information, you give us, the sooner we can get a clear picture of how to develop your custom home plan.   Be as clear as possible, because it is ambiguity and indecisiveness, not information that overwhelms our project team.

We also recommend that you bring all the documentation on your lot to the meeting.  Specifically, we are talking about the lot survey, the topographical survey, elevation certificate, any deed restrictions, your title policy schedule B, and your lot soil report.

We also have a questionnaire that we ask you to fill out that will help our project team better focus the design process.

Budget is also something we like to discuss so we can design your custom home plan within the boundaries of what you can afford to invest.

In some cases, it may take two meetings to complete the analysis of all this information.  Regardless, once the free consultation meeting is completed, a quote for your custom home plan is usually ready within 72 hours.

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