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If you’re thinking about building your own home you know you need to choose a floor plan. Choosing a floor plan can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. By considering your home needs, your lifestyle and your family characteristic you can choose a home that is perfect for you. Follow these tips to make that choice easier. If you aren’t sure what kind of floor plan you need feel free to give us a call and we can help you find the perfect home plan for your lifestyle.

1. Single story or multi story home?

Do you need a single story home or do your prefer having the bedrooms on the second level? Are you, or do you have a family member who has difficulty with stairs? If so consider a single story home with walk out. If you like the security a multi story home offers a two or three story home may be better suited to you.

2. Open or closed floor plan?

Many of today’s modern floor plans are open. Rooms are melded together and flow easily. Often the front door opens right into the living area with little or no foyer for privacy. If you like this style of design that’s great but if you’re more private you might want to consider a closed floor plan.

3. Aging in place?

Do you have a family member that uses a walker or wheel chair? If so seriously consider wider hallways and doorways. Older homes tend to have narrow hallways and doorways while newer homes and modern floor plans have hallways and doorways that easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

4. Bringing the indoors outdoors?

Do you plan on taking advantage of the backyard space? Many homeowners are bringing the indoors outdoors by creating living space in the backyard that include kitchens, entertainment areas with TV and music systems as well as the more standard pool and play area of the backyard. Think about how you live and if the outdoors is part of your lifestyle. A backyard is a great way to increase your living and can turn a small floor plan into a more luxurious living space.

5. Family Stage

What stage is your family in? Are you thinking about starting a family or have the kids left for college? maybe your somewhere in the middle. Choosing a home that isn’t too big and is easy to maintain is key when choosing a floor plan. Consider a room for each resident and a guest room for out of town guests.

For more information about choosing the best floor plan for your family and lifestyle give us a call 713-522-2724 or E-mail us. We’ll help you find the perfect floor plan for your lifestyle.

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