Best Place in Texas to Retire


Texas is a fantastic place to live whether you’re working or retired but if you’re retired it has some wonderful benefits that can make up for the sidewalk melting heat.

According to Top Retirements Texas is the 7th most popular state to retire to with Austin being on Forbes list of top 25 place in the country to retire. It’s no wonder why Texas makes such a great place to retire when you consider that there is no income tax in Texas the tax burden is 8.4% making it one of the lowest in the country.  Texas also has a relatively low sales tax rate of 6.25% though city and county can add  another 2% to that rate.

In addition to the affordable tax rates Texas also has some charming small towns. Even their large cities provide a small-town feel due to close neighborhoods and friendly people who live there.

According to Forbes annual list of the 25 Best Places to Retire three cities in Texas made the cut – Austin, College Station and San Antonio.

Austin, according to the magazine, has a “big culture scene”, a warm climate, no state income tax and active lifestyles due to its walkability score. The only drawbacks mentioned were the lack of adequate doctors to serve the population and the median home price is above the national average at $208,000.

College Station fared better with a median home price of $149,000 and also had a low cost of living, low crime and of course warm climate. College Station is also lacking in doctors

San Antonio is not lacking doctors, in fact it is listed as having abundant doctors, low cost of living, no state income tax, warm climate and a median home price slightly above that of College Station at $162,000. On the downside San Antonio has a higher crime rate and low volunteering levels.

Texas features a wide variety of landscapes including grasslands, prairies, forests and coastlines. No matter which region of the United States you hail from you can probably find a similar surrounding to build your new life.

People come from all over the nation to retire in Texas. While it is true the heat can be oppressive most people will tell you they aren’t really bothered by it as central air is everywhere and there are plenty of beautiful bodies of water to cool off in.

Whether sailing along the coast in the Gulf of Mexico or enjoying a pontoon ride in one of the many lakes where new retirement communities are popping up you’ll never feel land locked in Texas.

Everything is bigger in Texas and that means there are plenty of place to build a new home for your retirement. There is plenty of land available at affordable prices. If you’d like to learn more about retiring in Texas and how you can build affordably build a dream home there give us a call and we’ll show you how it can be done.

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