Benefits of Townhouse Living


It seems there’s been a trend lately toward smaller homes. Turn on the TV and you’ll find several shows about how people are downsizing and living in homes that are less than 500 square feet. While that seems a bit extreme there are many reasons to consider townhouse living. Whether you’re looking to live in a townhouse in Houston or in a less dense state such as South Dakota, living in a townhouse has many advantages. And, the townhouses of today aren’t the cookie cutter homes of the 70s and 80s. Today’s modern townhouse floor plans have all the amenities you could want. You can build a luxury townhouse that’s over 6000 square feet for one unit or build a more modest attached home at about 1400 square feet. The beauty of the townhouse floor plan is that you build up instead of out so while you still need to consider lot size, you aren’t as constrained as someone who is building a single family home.

There are many advantages to townhouse living. Some are obvious while others are surprisingly unexpected. In today’s climate where people are less sure of the housing market and the economy many families are enjoying townhouse living because they can build with several generations in mind. Today’s savvy family is building a home with the idea of aging in place in mind. Often that means an adult child will plan on moving in with the parents as the parents age. Building a townhouse to suit two families can be a great way to age in place. Other advantages include:

Maintenance Free – There isn’t always an association when you live in a townhouse but there are definitely advantages to having one. Never having to cut the grass or clean out the gutters is a nice perk to homeownership.

Community – Today’s townhomes can be attached or detached and depending on how neighborly you are a townhouse offers a great opportunity to be part of a community.

Savings – Living in a townhouse doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending less on the construction or design of the home but you will find you probably have lower utility costs because your townhouse is more efficient, there is less land to maintain and since you likely share at least one common wall you will have less home maintenance.

Choice – These days you’re likely to find a beautiful townhouse in the city as well as the suburbs. We have a large selection of urban home floor plans including many lovely townhouse floor plans to choose from. In many ways it’s easier to find a lot for a townhouse than it is for a single family home.

Downsizing – Living in a townhouse doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve downsized but for many people it does. This means you’ll want to include organizational features in your home design. Plenty of closet space, cubbies, pantry etc… will help you stay organized if you’re living in a smaller home.

Location – You can build a townhouse on smaller lots so you’ve got more freedom if you want to live in a larger city.

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