Advantages of Townhouse Living


If you’re considering building a townhouse you may have started looking through townhouse floor plans. While looking through all the various floor plans for sale, you might be wondering what are the advantages to living in a townhouse over a single family home or an apartment. It’s a great question, actually. There are definitely some pros and cons to townhouse living.

Advantages to Townhouse Living

  1. It’s Your Home – One of the great advantages to townhouse living is that the dwelling is yours. A townhouse is a single family home, it just isn’t an individual home. Townhouses are connected to one another, but it’s yours, unless you’re renting it.
  2. You Can Rent it Out – Because it’s your home you can rent it out. You can’t always do that with condos or apartments. You have to sublet those and that often requires permission from the association.
  3. Luxury and Style – Today’s townhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Many offer luxury amenities you won’t find in single family homes or apartments.
  4. Aging in Place – It’s possible to age in place in a townhouse. All townhouses can be designed with both stairs and lifts. You don’t have to walk up and down stairs at all in a three or four level townhouse. There’s even plenty of room for live-in help.
  5. Great Views – When you buy your townhouse floor plan from Jack Preston Wood and Associates we’ll help you find the best placement of your townhouse on your lot. You’ll have the best views available.
  6. Tested Floor Plans – Our floor plans have all been tested and built before. You don’t need to worry about mistakes, bugs or having to make adjustments. These are tried and true floor plans that you can feel confident will yield the best home for you.
  7. City Living – Many people want a larger home, however, finding a lot large enough for a single family home isn’t always possible in the city. Building a townhouse allows you to build the necessary square footage but instead of spreading out your building up. You can have a much smaller footprint and still have all the space you desire.
  8. Convenience – Living in a townhouse means you have neighbors who are close by and yet you don’t have to worry about cutting the grass or watering large areas. Yards are smaller and can be landscaped to be easily maintained.

These are just some of the advantages to townhouse living. If you’d like to see our library of townhouse floor plans, please click here.

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