Advantages of a Custom House Plan


A custom house plan offers you several clear advantages over a stock house plan.  You get a home tailor made to your lifestyle.  You get a home that blends harmoniously with the natural features of your yard.  You can also have your house built with special green building techniques and even accommodations for people with special needs.

Everything begins with a wish list.  This list enumerates the many things you want in your house plan.  It can be inspired by any home you have seen pictures of, read about, or visited in person.  Both verbal descriptions and pictures can be included in your wish list to give our project team as clear a vision for home design as possible.

The more details we have, the more we can build a home that accommodates your daily routines, personal hobbies, entertainment needs, and study habits.    We encourage dialogue and ongoing interaction with the project team to ensure results that meet or even exceed your expectations.

Another advantage that a custom home design gives you is greater harmony with the natural features of your yard.  Your home will be built in a position that takes full advantage of natural sunlight and shade.  We want to give you the best possible view of the sunrise or sunset, and we want you to have an optimal vantage point overlooking your landscape.

We are also very conscious of the need to preserve trees.  Trees have to be given plenty of space so that they do not grow in a collision course with either the home or its foundation.  This is both an environmental consideration and sound building principle.

Other environmental advantages are to be gained from custom home designs.  It is much easier to construct one of these houses using some of the newer green building strategies that are intended to conserve energy and to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.  You may be a person with a sensitive conscience to the environment who wants a home that is as Nature-friendly as possible.  Or, you may be more inclined to see green technology as a way of saving money on power costs.

In either case, we can accommodate you with the most advanced planning techniques now being used in custom home design.

Another important advantage to a custom home design is its ability to accommodate people with special needs.  Doorways and interior transit areas can be rendered wheel chair accessible.  Showers and bathrooms can be built with special safety features that minimize the risk of injury.


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