3 1/2 Story Luxury Townhouse Floor Plan

3 1/2 Story Luxury Townhouse Floor Plan

This is a stunning 3 1/2 story townhouse floor plan with many luxury features. A large space at 2152 square feet, this three story townhouse floor plan has it all and then some.

The main level of this townhouse floor plan includes the two car garage, and second bedroom or office space. A private space perfect for those working from home who need an area away from the commotion in the rest of the house. Also makes a great bedroom for older children or other family members. Private bathroom with combination shower/tub and ample closet space round out the main level.

The second floor of this beautiful townhouse is the main living space. An open design, this living room and dining room area is open to the kitchen. The kitchen is well-designed with abundant storage and work space as well as a large island for additional storage and casual dining.

Take the stairs up to the third floor which is home to the master suite and third bedroom. The master suite features two walk-in closets, a large master bath with separate tub and walk-in shower and private toilet area. The third bedroom has its own bathroom, ample closet space and easy access to laundry area. 

Head upstairs one more time for access to attic storage space and the roof deck. 

This townhome plan has 2152 square ft. of living space. This townhouse plan design has a width of 30'-0" and a depth of 27'-10". There is a flipped (mirrored) version of this townhouse plan.

  • LEVEL ONE: 345
  • LEVEL TWO: 879
  • LEVEL THREE: 854
  • TOTAL LIVING: 2152

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Preston Wood and Associates (PW+A) is a member of the “American Institute of Building Design." The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major U.S. city including Charlotte, Huntsville, Fayetteville, Norfolk, and Madison.

Single-Family Starts Leveling Off

2020 was a strange year. While the economic impact of the coronavirus was devastating for many businesses, it was a boon to others. The housing industry saw not only an increase in demand, but a shift if what consumers wanted. Housing affordability continues to be a problem that needs addressing, but demand is high and labor and material needs are struggling to keep up. 

With that in mind, single family construction remained strong, though leveled off in November. Continue reading for the complete article from the National Association of Home Builders.

Single-Family Starts Leveling Off at Strong Pace in November


Single-family starts flattened in November as builders struggled to meet demand, while overall housing starts increased 1.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.55 million units, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The November reading of 1.55 million starts is the number of housing units builders would begin if development kept this pace for the next 12 months. Within this overall number, single-family starts increased 0.4 percent to a 1.19 million seasonally adjusted annual rate. The multifamily sector, which includes apartment buildings and condos, increased 4.0 percent to a 361,000 pace.

“Though single-family construction continued to be strong in November, builders are unable to keep up with demand due to rising regulatory and construction costs and shortages of lots and labor,” said Chuck Fowke, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a custom home builder from Tampa, Fla. “The incoming Biden administration needs to focus on policies to improve housing affordability and to increase supply to help housing continue to lead the economy forward.”

“The single-family construction sector appears to be leveling off at strong levels, with permits roughly at a flat level from September to October,” said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “Nonetheless, the growth for single-family construction was a true bright spot amid economic challenges in 2020, with single-family starts up 10 percent year-to-date and posting the best year since the Great Recession. However, the backlog continues to grow, with the number of single-family homes permitted but not started construction up 16.3 percent from November 2019 to November 2020 as material delays and higher costs hold back building.”

On a regional and year-to-date basis (January through November of 2020 compared to that same time frame a year ago), combined single-family and multifamily starts are 14.4 percent higher in the Midwest, 7.6 percent higher in the South, 5.4 percent higher in the West and 3.3 percent lower in the Northeast.

Overall permits increased 6.2 percent to a 1.64 million unit annualized rate in November. Single-family permits increased 1.3 percent to a 1.14 million unit rate. Multifamily permits increased 19.2 percent to a 496,000 pace.

Looking at regional permit data on a year-to-date basis, permits are 5.7 percent higher in the Midwest, 6.9 percent higher in the South, 0.7 percent higher in the West and 4.4 percent lower in the Northeast.

Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

Kitchen Trends Inspired by Covid19

2020 was the year we all spent a lot more time at home. With little preparation many of us found ourselves working at home, home schooling and generally stuck at home. When you spend all your time in one environment you start noticing where changes can and should be made. What many builders and remodelers have discovered is that homeowners want separate spaces to do all the different things - study or den for homework and work, living room for non work activities, a kitchen that has plenty of storage and work space.

Spending more time at home meant spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals, especially in areas that saw lockdowns and closures of restaurants. Suddenly we were cooking - and baking lots and lots of bread. If necessity is the mother of invention, then Covid was the time we realized that our designs were not geared toward being homebodies who baked.

Kitchen design trends inspired by Covid19.


If you didn't have a pantry before Covid, you probably do now. Or at least you've carved out a space to keep a larger supply of canned and dry goods on hand. If you're in the market to build a new townhouse or other style of home you'll likely include a pantry in the floor plan. Whether storing food, paper products or other items that became scarce in the beginning, a pantry is handy way to store everything.

Touchless Amenities

We all became aware of how often we touch things during the pandemic. From coffee makers, to light switches to the kitchen faucet - we touch things thousands of times a day. It simply isn't feasible to wear gloves all the time or to wash after every touch. Touchless features like faucets, light switches and other smart technology can eliminate a lot of spreading of germs.


Who didn't declutter this past year? Everyone took a page from that famous book about sparking joy and decluttering and got rid of the things taking up space and getting in the way. We all went a little minimalist in 2020. We learned what was essential - toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, and what was not - most everything else. Goodwill and other thrift stores are bursting at the seams with all the donations. A sparser look will be in style for a while.

Neutral Colors

White is still a favorite choice, but warmer, neutral tones have made a comeback. Pantone chose a yellow that was meant to inspire hope, something we all need as we find our new normal. 


Events in Houston this February 2021

Events in Houston this February 2021

While many events are still virtual, there are some fun events in Houston this February to do with your sweetheart. From classic cars to Monster Jam – you can celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Check out the list below for more events in Houston this February 2021.

Events in Houston this February 2021

Camp Gladiator at Cityplace Plaza

When: Now through the end of the year.

Where: Cityplace Plaza

1250 Lake Plaza Drive

Houston, TX 

An array of complimentary fitness classes is featured this January on and around CityPlace Plaza. The popular HIIT class, Camp Gladiator, welcomes participants every Monday and Wednesday at 5:15 and 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Try the first session for free, and memberships are available on-site.

Color Factory

When: Now through December 31st, 2021

Where: 3303 Kirby Drive

Houston, TX

Welcome to Color Factory: a collaboratively-produced art experience in Houston, Texas.

This multisensory exhibit, inspired by the colors of the city (and space!), guides visitors through 12 participatory installations, designed to awaken audiences to the brilliant, everyday presence of color. Featured collaborators include: NASA, Soo Sunny Park, Alicia Eggert, hottea, Harvey & John, Mary Ramos, Andrew Neyer, Andy J. Pizza, Michelle Rial, Art & Olfaction, Project Color Corps, Christine Wong Yap, Abby Clawson Low, Hypno, Carra Sykes, and James Akers.

Put on your favorite hue and come to us for color!

Color Field

When: Now through May 31st, 2021

Where: University of Houston

4800 Calhoun Road

Houston, TX

Color Field provides opportunities to question our perceptions while thinking about the impact color has on our lives. Featuring large-scale sculptures by six contemporary artists, this free exhibition is displayed throughout the University of Houston’s park-like campus. Sarah Braman (b. 1970), Jeffie Brewer (b. 1971), Odili Donald Odita (b. 1966), Sam Falls (b. 1984), Spencer Finch (b. 1962), and TYPOE (b. 1983) draw inspiration from Color Field painting, which is a form of abstraction that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s relying heavily on color and flat surfaces devoid of representation.. Artists associated with this art movement, such as Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis and Sam Gilliam, poured, sprayed or applied paint with rags and sponges to create clouds of color that seemingly float on the surface of the canvas. As early as 1968, Gilliam also created sculptural works by taking his paintings off their stretchers and draping them freely from the wall. The artists presented in this exhibition further extend the Modernist notion of Color Field beyond the flat pictorial field of the canvas, expanding it into the real space that a viewer occupies.

Houston Mural Map: Take a Virtual or DIY Tour of Street Art

When: Now through July 31, 2021

Where: Various Houston Locations is a crowd-sourced community resource, created by UP Art Studio, with website developer and photographer Alex Barber.  Visit the UP Art Studio website to learn about why civic art is our passion. We have curated and managed mural projects and our signature Mini Murals program for nearly a decade.

Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World

When: Now through May 31st, 2021

Where: The Health Museum

1515 Hermann Drive

Houston, TX

Why do infectious diseases emerge where they do?

What makes them spread so quickly?

Where do we look for the next one?

Our planet is connected more than ever before: by global travel, trade, technology, and even our viruses. Join us in learning how people fight epidemics - even before they start! You’ll explore the connections between human, animal, and environmental health, dive into case studies and personal experiences from epidemic-fighters from around the globe, discover how outbreaks have affected the Greater Houston Area, and engage in games that challenge you to identify and contain an outbreak.

Gear Up: The Science of Bikes

When: Now through May 19th, 2021

Where: The Health Museum

1515 Hermann Drive

Houston, TX

The Health Museum presents GEAR UP: The Science of Bikes - a diverse collection of historic, peculiar, and all-around amazing bikes as well as science stations that explore energy, forces and motion, engineering, and material science.

GEAR UP: The Science of Bikes is organized by Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh, PA)

This interactive exhibition tells the story of the bicycle from inception to present day. Visitors learn how bikes work; what the history/evolution of the bike is; the science and technology behind the machine; and how bikes have impacted our culture. Like the bicycle itself, the exhibition has been designed to appeal to people of all ages and with diverse interests, from STEM to design to history to art.

Briefly, the bikes in the show are divided into different categories highlighting changes in design and engineering over the last century or more. GEAR UP features 13 bikes and 14 interactives focusing on engineering, the classics, and oddities.

Come and explore the evolution of the modern bicycle, learn about the latest technologies for sporting bikes, and develop a greater appreciation for an environmentally friendly, a human-powered invention that transformed the way we get around.

Watch & Learn Glassblowing Sessions

When: Thursdays – Sundays

Where: Three Dimensional Visions

17442 Farm to Market 2920 Rd

Ready to experience something new in a safe environment? We have just the thing!Make a Reservation for one of our Watch & Learn Experiences. Your group (up to 4 people) will watch from a social distance while our glassmakers make the piece you design! You get to pick out the colors and the nuances of the shape while they create and narrate your piece(s). When you book this time it means you will be the only ones in the studio with our glassmakers! Where else can you go to be Blown Away? Come out, be safe, and experience the magic of glass!

Monster Jam

When: February 6th and 7th, 13th and 14th, 2021

Where: NRG Stadium

One NRG Park

Houston, TX

Monster Jam® is an action-packed motorsport with world-class athletes locked in intense competitions of speed and skill. Witness heated rivalries, high-flying stunts and fierce head-to-head battles for the Event Championship. Engineered to perfection, these 12,000-pound monster trucks, including the legendary Grave Digger® and Monster Energy®, push all limits in Freestyle, Skills Challenge and Racing competitions. This is full-throttle family fun. This. Is. Monster Jam™. 

Decades Car Show

When: February 6th, 2021

Where: Garage Ultimate

4650 FM 2351

There’s one thing that’s for sure in life - change. If you’ve been a car-lover for long enough you’ve seen body-styles, drivetrains, makes and models change every few years. It’s inevitable - the automobile industry is full of change. That’s why we’re launching a car event like no other in Houston - DECADES - A Drive Through Time.Join us as we explore how the cars we know and love have changed over time. From American muscle to European luxury, hyper-cars to some of the cars that started it all; take a drive through time.

Free valentine’s Day Science Pop-Up for Kids

When: February 6th, 2021

Where: Online

At Hypothesis Haven Science Club's 2nd Annual HeART of Science event, kids will learn about the hardest-working muscle in the body (the heart) and how to keep it healthy and strong!They will also learn about new treatments and discoveries that doctors and scientists are working on to help people with heart disease.Virtual Workshop includes:interactive activities that kids can follow from home, including crafts, science projects, and demonstrationsguest speakers from NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care and Texas Heart Institute*Event is free, but registration is required. 

Heights Morning Market

When: Sundays

Where: Onion Creek Café

3106 White Oak Drive

Houston, TX

A weekly small business market in Houston Heights, TX where local farmers, craftsman, artists and artisans gather to sell the wonderful goods they make and create with love and care. Twice a month on Sunday from 10am to 2pm, join us at Hustletown Distribution and explore Houston’s finest food, drink, music, art and craft. 2122 Center St. Houston, TX 77007.

Valentine’s Market

When: February 13th, 2021

Where: BienVenue Events

9630 N Sam Houston Parkway E. Ste C

Houston, TX

KDA Markets is a modern, curated market providing a desirable shopping experience for the community.  It's packed with a wide selection of local farmers and talented "k"reatives, designers, artisans and entrepreneurs with deep Texas roots. 

We pride ourselves in selecting a rotation of vendors that appeal to a diverse, community of shoppers looking to discover who unique,  high quality crafts, products, services, some of the best food in Texas and much more.

Covid, has challenged America in many ways causing many people to tap into their natural talents to provide alternative means of income for their families.  Our ultimate objective is to provide avenues through which local artisans can market their goods and showcase their talents, build their brand and grow their business.

Caffeine and Chrome

When: Last Saturday of the month

Where: Gateway Classic Cars of Houston

1910 Cypress Station Drive

Houston, TX

Cruise in to Gateway Classic Cars every last Saturday of the month for Caffeine and Chrome: Presented by Grundy Insurance!So far we have had some amazing turnouts, but we want to continue to grow! Enjoy delicious donuts, coffee and all of our sweet rides! No Admission fee and everyone is welcome! No cruiser? No sweat bring the daily driver. Hope to see you there.250+ classic & exotics



Four Story Townhouse Plan E8088 - L'Enfant

Four Story Townhouse Plan E8088 - L'Enfant

Introducing a new townhouse floor plan that you're going to love! This stunning design is the E8088 - L'Enfant, one of four beautiful facades. This gorgeous townhouse floor plan makes great use of the vertical space with a total 3053 square feet. It features a spacious rear entry 2 car garage, open main level design master suite and covered roof terrace just to name a few.

The first floor of this beautiful townhouse floor plan includes a lovely front porch, 3rd bedroom or home office, full bath and access to the garage. This is a great space for anyone who works from home as it provides a quiet space away from the rest of the home. Use the lift or stairs to go to the main level.

The second floor features the the main living area and kitchen. The floor plan is open and inviting - perfect for large or small gatherings - a wonderful space to entertain. The kitchen has a large island providing ample work space for meal prep. There's a balcony off the kitchen and dining rooms for added light and ambiance. The powder room is located off the dining room for easy access.

The third floor of this home is home to the master suite - a stunning use of space you'll appreciate more and more. The master bedroom is spacious with a covered porch and coffee bar! Two large, walk-in closets provide all the storage space you'll need. The master bath features a walk in shower, soaking tub and private toilet area. The laundry room is located on the third floor for added convenience.

Head up to the fourth floor to access the second bedroom or home office depending on your needs. Another great space to get away from the rest of the home. It features a full bath, city room and a covered roof terrace perfect for the rooftop jacuzzi.






For more info on our two-story plans and please call 713 522 2724 or E-mail us. 
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Preston Wood and Associates is a member of the “American Institute of Building Design." The "AIBD" is a national organization with chapters in every major U.S. city including Charlotte, Huntsville, Fayetteville, Norfolk, and Madison.

Affordability and Lack of Supply Put a Dent in New Home Sales

2020 was a great year for the home building and remodeling industry. More people than ever before worked from home which helped spike the demand for homes with offices. The ability to work remotely allowed people to move away from the office and into communities that were more suitable for their lifestyle. Many people fled the cities to build homes with more space - larger lots. 

Home remodeling also flourished. Whether DIY or hiring a professional company - homeowners wanted to create a space that worked for their new normal - working from home, home schooling etc.

While the current pandemic has been a boom to the housing industry there are still concerns  - lack of supply and affordability. In this recent article from the National Association of Home Builders they report that the market remains strong after taking a bit of a dip in November. Still, affordability and supply will continue to be issues in the current climate. Continue below for the full article from the NAHB.

Affordability and Lack of Supply Put a Dent in New Home Sales

New home sales dipped in November, but remained at a solid level as builders struggled to meet demand and gain access to building materials.

Sales of newly built, single-family homes in November fell 11 percent to an 841,000 seasonally adjusted annual rate, according to newly released data by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau. Despite the monthly decline, the November rate is 20.8 percent higher than a year ago.

“Though the market remains strong, the pace of sales pulled back in November as inventory remains low and affordability concerns persist as builders grapple with a shortage of lots, labor and building materials,” said Chuck Fowke, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a custom home builder from Tampa, Fla.

“The home building industry saw a historic gap between the pace of new home sales and construction of for-sale single-family housing this fall,” said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “As a result, the pace of new home sales was expected to slow to allow construction to catch up. This appears to have occurred in November as inventory of completed, ready to occupy new homes was down 43 percent compared to November 2019 at just 43,000 homes nationwide.”

A new home sale occurs when a sales contract is signed or a deposit is accepted. The home can be in any stage of construction: not yet started, under construction or completed. In addition to adjusting for seasonal effects, the November reading of 841,000 units is the number of homes that would sell if this pace continued for the next 12 months.

Inventory rose slightly to a 4.1 months’ supply, with 286,000 new single-family homes for sale, 11.2 percent lower than November 2019.

The median sales price was $335,300. The median price of a new home sale a year earlier was $328,000.

Regionally, on a year-to-date basis new home sales were up in all four regions: 28.2 percent in the Northeast, 24 percent in the Midwest, 16.9 percent in the South and 20.5 percent in the West.