2020 Design Trends We Love

2020 Design Trends We Love

Celebrating a new decade often ushers in new trends in home design. The Twenties will be no different. Design trends point to bold colors and big designs with an emphasis on the environment and being as eco friendly as possible. From choosing colors more in tune with nature to recycling materials and up cycling old furnishings, the design trends of 2020 looks to be bold, bright and eco minded.

2020 Design Trends We Love

Multi-Use Spaces

You can thank the tiny house craze for multi-use spaces. Small or large homes benefit from multi-use space. A spare bedroom also serves as a home office, a craft room can be incorporated into the laundry room or maintenance room. 

Multi-Use Furniture

The Murphy bed is making a comeback due to this trend. Your home office can also be a bedroom with the flip of a switch (or the tug of a cord). 

Go Green

The 20s will look a little like the 70s with heavy use of live plants. Statement plants such as large ferns or elephant ear plants have made their way back into our living rooms. Not only do they filter the air in our homes, but they add a lovely pop of color.

Recycled Materials

More and more you can find home furnishings that have been made of recycled materials such as patio furniture made from recycled milk cartons to upcycled furnishings crafted from older furniture but redrafted with a modern twist. Etsy is blowing up with these kinds of furnishings and decor.

Bold Color

You'll find bright, bold colors in most of the new homes being designed these days. And not just a pop of color but a whole wall of lemon yellow or lime green. Often used on textured surfaces. These can be stunning, certainly eye catching.

Sport Courts

The trend might be for smaller homes, but some are actually getting bigger and in those larger homes you'll often find sport courts. These are great in climates where going outside in harsh weather is dangerous, or for sporty families that need to practice and don't want to spend free time driving. Sport courts are also a great draw for the neighbors so be sure you like to entertain before adding one to your home.

Indoors go Outdoors

More and more we're seeing homes that have traditional indoor spaces - living areas, kitchens, dining rooms - taken outdoors. These are not simply porches or patios  - these are living spaces meant exclusively for the outdoors and to be enjoyed in all seasons.

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