10 Interesting Facts about Dallas

English: Flag of Dallas, Texas Esperanto: Flag...

English: Flag of Dallas, Texas Esperanto: Flago de la urbo Dallas, en la usona ŝtato Teksaso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Preston Wood and Associates is opening a new satellite office in Dallas this spring. That means you’ll be able to get our great townhouse floor plans in Dallas, TX as well as in our original office in Houston. Since we’ll be spending time in one of the greatest cities in the country we thought it would be fun to share some lesser known facts about Dallas.

If you’re looking for a place to build a townhouse in Dallas you couldn’t find a better location than the Big D. Here are the 10 fun and interesting facts about Dallas you might not have known about:

1. The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport DFW has the world’s largest parking lot. Texas has more airports than any other state in the country.

2. .Dallas has 4 times more restaurants per person than New York City.

3. There are more shopping malls per capita in Dallas than any other US city.

4. The Dallas Farmers Market is one of the largest open air markets in the country and has over 5 million visitors each year.

5. In the downtown public library in Dallas there is on permanent display one of the original Declaration of Independence. Learn more about other great exhibits at the Downtown Dallas Public Library.

6. The Dallas Arts District covers 68 acres making it the largest art district in the US.

7. Bonnie and Clyde, the famous and notorious outlaws, met each other at a mutual friend’s home in Dallas, TX.

8. Dallas is the 3rd most populated city in Texas. Houston is first, and San Antonio is 2nd.

9. The frozen margarita was invented in Dallas.

10. In Dallas there are more than 100 live performances each night. Dallas has more than 160 museums, galleries and art attractions making it a great place to live for artists and creatives.

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