Traditional Home Plan


Five Features of a Traditional Home Plan

Simple, elegant, and understated appeal are some of the words that come to mind when speaking of a Traditional Home Plan. While there are many styles there are key features that make a Traditional style everlasting and desirable by lots of people.

Feature number one is the combination of styles that make it interesting because it is a collection from several styles incorporated into the design. People have varying tastes and when someone walks in to view a Traditional style home, they are either turned off or intrigued by the mystery of what else lurks around the corner to catch their fancy. And yet all the features that excite one home owner will not have the slightest appeal to another.

The second feature of the Traditional house plan is the varying exterior finishes that can be found in a home labeled as a traditional style. There is a wide variety of outer finishes from brick to stucco to lap siding. And again, the creativity of the designer can make any of the finishes dazzling and create the perfect personal touch for the home buyer. So the flexibility of style makes this design adaptable to almost anyone’s taste.

A third feature for a Traditional home is the characteristic gable-end roof. The front facing gable façade is impressive and gives the home a focal point for curb appeal. The fitting ridgelines and straight slopes all work together to add a sense of strength and rock solid firmness. As a part of this feature is the flexibility to utilize a wide variety of roof finishes and roofing colors that make the home even more stunning and dramatic.

Feature number four is the comforting and inviting accents like a large striking chimney, or color coordinated shutters and the appeal of a notable entry way or large wrap around porch that absolutely invites everyone to rest and visit with friends or loved ones. And here too there is a multitude of colors to choose from that will personalize a traditional house to the homeowner’s specific tastes. The huge diversity of colors and finishes open the possibilities for a myriad of experiments in what makes the house a home for any particular homeowner. Here is where a designer really shows their expertise in assisting a property owner to capture their true taste and expression of self. And hopefully an expression that makes the new home a credit to the community.

And lastly, the fifth feature of a traditional home plan is the design elements that make the home friendly, homey, and install the element of casual living. Everyone desires a place to go when the day is over and a safe haven of comfort is the last destination of the day. The traditional style is definitely one that creates such an atmosphere for the greater majority of home owners. There is a natural, built-in old fashioned charm that characterizes this style of home and yet there is everything to meet the demands of an updated and modern lifestyle.

Whether there is a desire to discover a style of living in a fast paced inner-city atmosphere or the restful and quiet suburban neighborhood, the Traditional style is there to fit the likes of any homeowner and provide for the personalized vision of what a home should be.

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