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French Country Home Plans

Country French House Plans

Country French House Plans Provide Flexibility for Any Sized Home

A Country French home plan has an appeal that comes from the charming design to have the rooms flow nicely together while providing a relaxing atmosphere with rustic attributes that can only derive from the French countryside. Some common traits you will find with Country French homes include soft lines, amazing stonework, and curved arches. Homeowners enjoy the different sizes that Country French homes can be constructed into without losing its charm. Cozy cottage homes and large estates can all feature the attraction that Country French houses provide.

Beautiful Combinations of Stone Create a Country French Home’s Exterior

Country French house plans will often include various types of brick, stone, or stucco on the outside walls. Delicate stone is only the beginning when it comes to the rural elements that are common among Country French designs. Homeowners can have the option of only using brick or stone on the home’s exterior, or use both to form an elaborate facade.

Like other homes that have a French influence, the roof is a special component that distinguishes itself from other home designs. Multiple steep roofs with intricate detailing and flared eaves are very common with this house plan. Several roof elements are created to help produce different visual focus points. The character of the roof often gives a medieval impression to viewers.

While the exterior of a Country French home is constructed asymmetrically, the main entry door is usually located in the center and is prominently designed to greet visitors in the formal living areas of the home. Both the windows and doors are typically constructed to be arched or rounded to match the rest of the home’s nature. The windows are often tall and will sometimes include shutters.

Country French Homes Offer Varies Designs for the Interior

While the exterior of a Country French home generally follows the same design techniques, the interior can easily be formed to match your living style. The interior entryways carry the same theme as the home’s windows and doors. They will often have arched openings that lead to rooms that sometimes feature exposed wood beams. This plan helps bring the relaxing French countryside to any home.

Stone floors are common in Country French houses in order to tie in the exterior elements with the interior. Plaster walls are also common in this type of house plan and provides the homeowners with the prestigious French elegance. Country French houses usually form a rectangular shape which allows the owners to customize the interior so it matches their current lifestyle.

Formal Country French house plans will often have corner quoins and second floor balconies, while any form of a Country French home will include the charming exterior features. Families nationwide have made Country French designs a popular style as it can be created for any sized house. Other home plans may not allow as much flexibility as a Country French house plan does. This is highly favored by people that want to create a home that is easy to live in while still providing a sense or relaxation and sophistication.

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